Hmmmm… 1st entry to my 1500 Saturdays Blog


I guess I had better start by explaining why this blog is called 1500 Saturdays.

The seed was sown some weeks ago when I realised I probably only had about 1500 Saturdays left to live. I will let you all work out what age I might be…..
I can sense you wondering does she think she is going to die young or is she already old and thinks she is going to live past 100.
You’ll have to keep reading and gradually all will be revealed.
I have been coming to the conclusion that I ought to make these Saturdays count and try to do something interesting, mark them in some way or use them to reflect on life so I’m not wasting them entirely;  just letting them pass by un-noticed.
Would it matter do you think if these 1500 Saturdays did pass by un-noticed?

To me it does matter and more and more it seems as I have gotten older ( still not giving the age away though!)
I’ve never been very good at just lying about doing nothing and letting time pass me by ( by the way this blog is likely to be highly contradictory at times so you’d better get used to that) I need to learn to just do nothing – wouldn’t be a very interesting blog then though would it!
So what did I do today.. this 1st of my 1500 Saturdays.
It turned out to be a very mixed day.
My aging car – not quite as old as me ( you won’t guess from the age of the car!) was in the garage having it’s nearside track rod replaced. If you know what that is …..don’t be so damned clever !

( I could do with having lots of my bits replaced! ).
While my car was in there I took a bus, along with the hoi polloi , into the centre of Cambridge and rather enjoyed it. It was only 2 stops though! I determined should use buses more.

I went hunting for a new camera  here think I have finally decided on the Nikon D5100

Isn’t it gorgeous .

Now I have to decide on lenses. I’m excited about the prospect of a new camera as photography is a great love of mine. I am never happier than when I have a camera in my hand photographing something beautiful ( or ugly) I get caught up in the moment and forget everything else that is going on in the world.
(You will soon realise that I am annoyingly fond of brackets….. oh and these dots …..)
I got back to the garage to find my car still wasn’t ready. It was nearly midday and I was meeting my daughter, son and daughter’s partner for lunch at 1, some 1/2hrs drive away, intensely annoying as this was a lunch I really didn’t want to miss.
Daughter put off lunch til 1.30p.m and I eventually made it by 1.45p.m. Lunch was here and the food was excellent. I had a rather delicious starter – roast beetroot with pine nuts, mixed leaves and some kind of soft smelly cheese followed by dessert ( no main as I’m trying to eat a bit healthier) – 3 scoops of ice-cream- Rhubarb and Ginger, Toffee Apple and a passion fruit sorbet topped off with a wafer thin flat brandy snap or in my case 2 much to the annoyance of my son who also had ice-cream but only one brandy snap. Yum and double yum.
The occasion was our last lunch before my daughter heads off to live in Venice, on her own, for 2 months. How fab is that ! An exciting adventure as she has never visited this most interesting and feminine of places, whereas I have been 4 or 5 times and love the place..

I am delighted she is going and not just because I’ll be visiting her twice, yes TWICE !! Whey hey.

I’ll be travelling there on my 1,499th Saturday next week. Watch out for my blog to read about my arrival.


2 comments on “Hmmmm… 1st entry to my 1500 Saturdays Blog

  1. Lisa says:

    Look forward to reading your Saturdays as they unfold and viewing your images too 🙂

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