Prima Donna Assoluta


Several people have asked me why I think of Venice as being a very feminine city.  There are a couple of reasons –

Firstly because Venice is blissfully free of cars.  Unlike Rome which is too full of them making that city fantastically noisy with much beeping of car horns and squeezing of yourself up against walls to let a succession of handsome Italian men drive past, thankfully avoiding running over your toes or worse, as they go.
You can walk fearlessly in Venice without the slight neck ache you get in other cities invariably caused by looking over your shoulder so much to try to avoid aforementioned cars! (though you might get the same sort of ache from looking over your shoulder at the rather handsome men as they walk by, for they also populate Venice!  Ho Hum ! )

Secondly Venice has a grand elegance about it that could only be described as like the Prima Donna Assoluta of Italy (I admit she is a slightly worn, though still majestic first lady)


9 comments on “Prima Donna Assoluta

  1. scillagrace says:

    Venezia at midnight under a full moon…that’s how I first saw her. Students were sitting clustered at the bottom of a small stair bridge, chatting in drunken enthusiasm. We didn’t have a hotel reservation, but my husband said we’d find something. And we did. Later, we went into a phone booth and found pages and pages of people who shared his last name. I would love to go back before my last Saturday is up.
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog and buon viaggio on yours! You’re off to a grand start!

    • hellenjc says:

      Thanks Scillagrace…one of my favourite memories of Venice took place at night.
      My then partner and I were just wandering around enjoying both the balminess of the evening and the quiet. We suddenly heard music in the distance and walked towards it until we reached the Grand Canal and saw, on the other side of the water, a group of probably middle aged people on the broad steps of one of Venice’s many magnificent churches.
      South American music was playing from a “ghetto blaster” and to our utter amazement they were dancing the Tango. The Tango in Venice ! It was so incongrous and yet seemed absolutely right. We were transfixed and watched until, just as suddenly, the music stopped, one of the men picked up the music machine and they wandered off; arms linked. One of those moments that stay with you for ever and make you smile broadly when you recall it.
      At the time I was sorry I didn’t have a camera with me but now I am glad. To have been concentrating on capturing it on film would certainly have diluted the experience making it much less memorable.

  2. puttyfoot says:

    Ok so I signed up to wordpress so I can follow you properly! :Dx

  3. mimo khair says:

    lovely writing! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

    • hellenjc says:

      My Pleasure Mimo.. your work is very beautiful. I will be posting some of my photographs as my blog grows.. I hope you’ll keep coming back to take a look 🙂

  4. Karen Brogan says:

    That last line also describes me!! lol

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