In love with my new camera

Saturday 1495 – 3rd December 2011

At the end of my last post I alluded to a more serious tone this week and I do have something in mind but it will have to wait because today was far too joyous for me to dwell on serious matters.

My new camera arrived during the week ( Yippee!) . It’s a NikonD5100 bought with just the standard 18-55mm lens and today was my first opportunity to really try it out so off I went this morning and ended up staying out for nearly 5 hours! The keen amateur photographers amongst you, and indeed the professional photographers too, will know how time can just melt away when you have found interesting things to photograph.

So here are my first photos and they’re pretty much all point and shoot ones, testing what the camera could do. I wanted to see how close I could get to a subject and likewise how near I could bring something in the distance. I can see that I have a lot to learn about my new camera to get the best out of it so bear with me while I’m learning  🙂  I also have to decide on which lenses to buy.   I couldn’t get close enough to some subjects for my liking ( take the ladybird for example)  so definitely a macro as I always enjoy close up work. I also found I couldn’t bring things in the distance close enough so a telephoto too.  Hmmm, now which ones? I don’t want lenses that are too heavy…being a poor weak female  ( yeah right!! ) Any of you have advice on this?  It would be most welcome if you do.

You’ll find a mix of subjects here which reflects just what caught my eye today ( eyes are featured!)  – starting with a wind turbine,  an Orchard, my cat, birds of prey at a farmers market – take a look at the big eyes of one of them…it didn’t blink at all and had that permanent scared expression, with another that’s blurred as I wanted to give a sense of how fast the bird moved it’s head, and their deadly claws. The local towns memorial to the war dead  and finally a garden centre with fish, faces,  plants and as always water and light. I decided to leave the tarantula photograph out for fear of scaring the life out of anyone !

Thanks to the 2 garden centre workers who were dressed as elves ( poor things!) for being good sports and allowing me to take a quick snap. All in all I had a great time and even forgot how cold it was.

So that’s enough talking, for once I’m not going to say too much ( make the most of it because it doesn’t happen too often !) but will leave you to take a look at these first attempts . The order is mostly random but you will see that some naturally and poignantly follow others..

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Different things make different people happy. I said in my very first post that I am rarely happier than when I have a camera in my hand. It’s important to recognise what makes you happy in your life as well as what doesn’t. When are you happiest?

Saturday Girl ( how long can I get away with the girl tag I wonder !) signing off.. definitely something serious next week with photos of course 😉


35 comments on “In love with my new camera

  1. […] Taken in my garden at the weekend. I had a go at a ladybird just after I bought my Nikon D5100 but only had the 18-55mm lens. It’s one of the photos in this post  here – “In love with my new camera” . […]

  2. Delightful post. Great photos. I’m envious of the camera:)

  3. You have here some lovely photos.
    I wish one day I will have ebough money to buy a camera like yours. Here it cost about 1000USD and how I earn less than 150 USD a month, maybe when I will be retired I will aford one. 😀
    I will look forword for your photos.

    • Cornel, you don’t need a very expensive camera to take a great photo. You do need a good eye and practice. You have some great photos on your blog. It is good to have a really good camera though, when you love to take photographs. I hope one day you will have the camera you desire. Helen
  • Congrats on your new camera! II have a friend with one of these and she loves it. Great images too. Have fun choosing lenses. 🙂

  • Tessa says:

    you’re lucky to get a photo of the cat’s eyes – mine has been pictured so often he instinctively shuts his eyes tight as soon as he spots a camera !

  • Amber West says:

    Congrats on the new camera! I know the joy of a new camera (particularly a DSLR). Look forward to more pictures!

  • Enjoy your new camera…it’ll soon be like an old friend!

    • hellenjc says:

      Thanks Julia… Cameras are soooo sophisticated these days.. such a change since I had my old Olympus OM1 film camera and the digitals I’ve had inbetween have been nowhere near as good ( or complicated !) as this one..

  • totsymae1011 says:

    Very nice photos. I’m happiest when painting and writing. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    love the cat Helen, so glad you are enjoying your new camera! looking forward to the next posting x

  • mimo khair says:

    congrats!! Beautiful photos and looking forward to seeing more!

  • mary says:

    love the pictures Helen another talent revealed

  • I really admire folks who have the patience to use DSLRs and various lenses.

    I just don’t have the patience for it, so I use my humble iPhone 4 for all of my photos, and I depend on photo editing software.

    Still, I’m becoming more and more aware that there just isn’t any comparison. A well composed photo taken by someone who really knows how to use a DSLR will, without doubt, blow away anything taken with a point-and-shoot, however digitally enhanced it is.

    • hellenjc says:

      I have a love affair with photographs and art but will have to learn to love the technical side again…a good camera doesn’t make a good photographer though. He/she has to have the “eye”.. that’s the artistic eye not the “evil eye” 😉

  • andenvirons says:

    I use a Sony a350 DSLR with Minolta lenses from my old film camera. I have not been a fan of flash photography (though fill-flashing is alluring to me sometimes, but haven’t gotten there yet), so I like my 50mm lens with the low f-stop (1.7). It allows me to shoot inside and outside in low light conditions without a flash or turning up the film speed too much (which gets grainy fast). It is small and lightweight. It does come with obvious constraints (like no zoom or macro), but working within the constraints is fun to me.

    My other favorite lens is a 28-90mm zoom with built in macro. 90 mm isn’t much but it makes for a nice portrait once in a while. The 28mm side is good for a lot of photos I take indoors of carpentry work I have done (although I did just buy one that goes down to 18mm). But in low light conditions the 3.5 f-stop is a drag and usually requires a tri-pod. Also, having enough light to get an action shot in medium light conditions is hard without increasing the film speed.

    I would propose looking at fixed length lenses with low f-stop if they make them and work within the constraints they create because sometimes they are cheaper and you get the lower f-stop. Also, they make lens mounts that will also support older lenses for a lot of cameras, so you can go to the used camera store and buy reasonably priced lenses and experiment with them.

    I’m a big owl fan and especially like the close-up of what looks like an ice cube.

    • hellenjc says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful posting… The photo I think you are talking about is a close up of water coming out of the top of a small fountain. I liked the way it was reflecting the light..

  • lapetiteveg says:

    Wow, great photography! I’d love to know what you think about upgrading to my first “real” camera… using a point-and-shoot now but would love to have something more technical in the future.

    • hellenjc says:

      Thankyou LPV, Gosh I’m not a camera expert at all.. in fact I find the whole thing a little bewildering.. I love the art side of photography rather than the technical side but have to grit my teeth and get learning it as I want to be a better photographer. I would say decide on the price you can afford first and look around from there… google any camera you are interested in and check out reviews. For me personally I really like a camera that has a proper viewfinder as I feel you get a better sense of what I’m taking when the camera is up at my eye… but that may be a personal thing.. Cheers

  • I see you have given it your best shot.

  • Congrats on the new camera! I see that you’re putting it to very good use. 🙂 Great shots.

    • hellenjc says:

      Thank you BGS.. and I intend to keep trying to put it to good use.. when I’ve worked out how to do the whole blogroll thing on here …so little time and so much to do … I’d like to add your intriguing website to it…along with a couple of others.. I’ll get to it eventually I’m sure 😉

  • tony says:

    ……………………………..And Great Photos!

  • Advice? Hm… My camera weighs 100 g. And You can see my photos in the blog.

    • hellenjc says:

      Ha Victor…that made me smile…. the strap on my new camera weighs nearly as much as that ( okay slight exaggeration! ) .. some good photos on your blog 😉

  • scillagrace says:

    Fabulous! I am supremely jealous, as I have only a hand-me-down digital camera from Steve’s aunt. My husband bought me a Canon AE-1 the first Christmas we were together, when I was 17. I loved that camera for 30 years until the shutter gear became stuck. Now it’s rather a dinosaur that would cost quite a bit to be repaired. I promised myself that if I won this writing contest, I would buy myself a DSLR. Here’s hoping!

    • hellenjc says:

      Ah Scillagrace… I used a film Olympus OM1 for over 25 years before I got a digital camera… my children kept saying that I should get myself a decent camera because I love the art of taking photographs so this year I just thought to hell with it I’m just going to get one… I VERY rarely indulge in “things” but this is an exception. Now I need to find time to learn to use it really well..
      Ps you have some lovely photos on your blog so the the hand-me-down is serving you well.. and good luck with the writing comp..

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