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    A Little extra…..
Happy Christmas Everyone
Last week I mentioned that I don’t buy a lot of Christmas Cards because I’d rather give money to charity.   I send emails instead explaining what I have done. It makes me think about how lucky I am and I hope it has that affect on the recipients too.  It doesn’t mean I love the recipients any less than if I sent them a card.
I thought I’d share it with all of you and maybe if you have a few pounds/dollars/euro or whatever currency to spare you might like to follow suit.  What I sent looked something like this :-

As some of you know I choose not to buy many Christmas cards for environmental reasons. Each year I use the money I would have spent and donate or buy Gifts from a charity  and I hope you will accept this note in place of a card.

 This year the charity I have chosen is Tree Aid. Here’s what they do –

 “Two for One” – the TREE AID Philosophy

At TREE AID, we believe that tackling poverty and environmental protection are inseparable.We help villagers in the drylands of Africa unlock the potential of trees to break this cycle of environmental decline and poverty. We help create self-reliance for poor communities building not only their chances of survival but also their dignity and respect.

At the same time, we help poor people invest in their environment, building its richness and health not just for today but for generations to come.

It’s what we call a “two for one” solution that breaks the cycle of poverty and environmental decline and offers a sustainable way forward for people across the Sahel.

 If any of you are interested  in finding out more here’s the website http://www.treeaid.org.uk/

Below is the receipt for the trees (and care of them) that I have bought.

Thank you for purchasing with Tree Aid.
You ordered these items

Grow a Baobab tree £10.00

The Baobab is an iconic tree in Africa. It grows to an immense size and is culturally very important.

The leaves make a vitamin rich sauce, and the seeds make protein rich flour,

adding valuable nutrients to diets.


1 Grow a Shea tree £10.00-

Shea butter, West Africa’s ‘gold’, is made by roasting and

pounding the nuts of the Shea tree into a paste.

It is used for cooking, lighting, waterproofing walls,

and as a  quality moisturiser in cosmetics and soap.


1 Grow a Mango tree £10.00

The Mango tree provides one of Africa’s

best known and most delicious fruits.

Mangoes are packed with vitamins,

and can be dried  to provide a vital

out-of-season food source and product

for sale at market.

Total: £30.00

I have also made a commitment to donate just £3 every month to Tree Aid – less than the price of a bottle of Kopperberg !!

Wishing you all  love and peace in this festive season.

Helen x

This has cost me very little but gives me immense joy because it may well make a huge difference to others..
Saturday girl signing off…. see you soon
Ps – Tree photos and other details from the Tree Aid Website
Pps My 2 new camera lenses arrived earlier today along with a fantastic Lowepro slingshot 202 camera bag.So excited and looking forward to having time at the weekend to experiment  😀

9 comments on “A Superdoopernumerarynotsaturdaypost

  1. KPdesign says:

    You’re right – thanks for bringing this post to my attention! This is brilliant! I love that this program invests directly in nature and the environment as well as the surrounding human communities. I’m definitely going to look in to this more – thanks 🙂

  2. scillagrace says:

    Well done, my friend!!

  3. mary says:


  4. What a wonderful idea! Saving trees. Perfect. 🙂 Have fun with your new lenses!

  5. Myrtle (Jackanory) says:

    You go girl!!! Happy Christmas – can’t wait for next week (or week after)

  6. Looks like good karma’s coming your way for x-mas! Thanks for stopping by – looking forward to reading more.

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