Introducing Helen’s Photomania blog.

Hello to all my faithful followers on this fine Thursday ( okay fine is an exaggeration )  

This extra post is to tell you that I have decided to start a new blog ( I’m a glutton for punishment ! ) purely about photography just for the joy of taking and sharing photos.

Check it out here – Helen’s Photomania Blog  

 Here’s a little bit re-edited from the About page

If you look up the definition of photomania it means “an abnormal love of light” and I’m cool with that!

I LOVE photography and I always have but have only very recently treated myself to a good digital camera . Many years ago I had an Olympus OM1 film camera ( for you camera geeks out there) which was wonderful but no longer practical.

I am going to try to post at least one photo every day ,so sort of a 365. ( This in addition to any I post on this blog of course)

Some I will have taken on the day I post ( with my lovely new Nikon D5100, that some of you will already have heard about) some will be older photos taken mostly with my Fuji Finepix. How successful I am with the 1 a day will depend on time, what I’ve been doing and my mood ! If I’ve been somewhere lovely expect more ! ( Venice? )

The photos with my new camera will probably evidence my learning curve so bear with me :)   They will be across many styles but I’m sure there will be light and places, nature and faces..I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed/will enjoy taking them.

As always I welcome comments, especially constructive criticism :)

I hope you will choose to follow this new blog and have a little bit of loveliness delivered to your email box most days.

Saturday Girl signing off..

2 comments on “Introducing Helen’s Photomania blog.

  1. hellenjc says:

    Ummm I still have mine too, Katie…with zoom and wide angle lenses.. I used it for 25 years !

  2. Wonderful, Helen! Good luck with this. And I remember the OM1 (umm, I still have it). I bought a used one of those just for doing night time photography way back when, My first real SLR. 🙂

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