Saturday 1481 – 10th March 2012







My daughter tells me this blog is too depressing !!  She’s probably right ! When I think back to recent posts many of them have been serious and that wasn’t my intention when I started the blog.

I guess life is pretty serious isn’t it?  and I know I think too much, care too much and worry too much but my nature will out !

So today absolutely nothing serious.

 In fact today was full of bliss and some of it at the hands (literally! ) of the lovely Sharon  from Choye Par Sharon ( website here ) who gave me a veeeeeery relaxing massage and facial. It was most excellent and much needed after a really busy, stressful week at work (oooops was nearly serious there !)

I was so relaxed that when she spoke to me at the end I was off somewhere lovely in my head and it sounded as though Sharon was calling me from afar rather than standing behind my head. !   


I had warned Sharon about this blog by email  and that I might like to take a photo or 2 to use on here. When the camera came out, as you can see, Sharon began busying herself because she really doesn’t like having her photo taken.

I had to take them quickly before she changed her mind and caught her unawares when she was laughing.

Thanks Sharon for being such a good sport and for the great massage and facial.

Massage over I left feeling all floaty and light to explore a bit of fenland and below are a few random photos I took before heading home into the sunset all happy as Larry ( where does that saying come from? )  

1st up is a rather beautiful curlew.


Isn’t this donkey cute peeping over the shed’s half door.


 Tut Tut ! not a very good advertisement for you know who !! This was miles out in the fens against an old wall right on a bend in the road.


 This might look just like dirt to you but to  me it’s a beautifully lit piece of earth…quite different from dirt ! Please do click on the photo to enlarge it and you’ll see what I mean.


Time to go home James and don’t spare the horses…..

    ….  ….

Before I go I want to share links to a couple of my favourite blogging pals websites.

1st – ScillaGrace who always makes me think with her posts and they’re beautifully written too.  Just so happens that this weeks is about Happiness …Nice co-incidence Scilla!

2nd is Shpics it masquerades as an image-a-day blog but really it’s an outlet for Stuarts wicked and infectious sense of humour. Good job Stuart !

I don’t know either of them in real life but have come to like them very much through their presence in the Blogosphere 😀

 Ta’ra from Saturday Girl ’til next week  


There’s a reminder of what this blog is about here


You can see lots of photos on my other blog Helen’s Photomania here


10 comments on “Bliss

  1. fiztrainer says:

    Well, from one analytical over-thinker to another, I truly enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to more of your posts. 😀

  2. Sherry K. says:

    Enjoyed the photos! Nothing like a great massage! Tell Sharon she is beautiful…(-:

  3. One can always rely on a donkey to bring about a smile……and some well lit earth. Lovely post Helen.

  4. Caroline Warnes says:

    the curlew is beautiful. And I agree about the earth 🙂

  5. scillagrace says:

    AWWwww! You’re so nice to me, Helen! Thank you! Wonderful that you got a massage today. My daughter is a massage therapist and called today to tell me that she’d injured her shoulder on the job; she needed a mom pep-talk. Now you’ve given me the idea to do a post about her job. They really do spread happiness in a hands-on way!

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