A Perfect Wedding

Saturday 1475 – 21st April 2012


I am happy to report this saturday was one of unbridled joy and happiness ( I can hear you all sighing after the last couple of saturday posts!)

Along with my daughter Katy we attended friends Julia and Peter’s wedding ( a first for both ) and what a wedding it was; filled with love, happiness, thoughtfulness and fun. 

With Julia’s permission I am posting a few informal photos that I took during the day ( Peter I know you’ll be reading this so forgive me for not asking you too and for posting the “monster” photo below – she did say it was okay!! ) 

Weddings are,  by tradition quite formal affairs but I want to show you a few photos that capture the slightly unguarded intimate moments that make clear the loving connection between these 2 great people but also what made this wedding so special – The fun !



No confetti was allowed so bubbles were used instead..


This is the only time you are likely to see a scary Peter..he’s really the most gentle of men but obviously likes to play up to the camera!!


This delightful poem was read during the service and reflects the joy of the day for me.

A Lovely Love story

The fierce Dinosaur was trapped inside his cage of ice.
Although it was cold he was happy in there. It was, after all, his cage.
Then along came the Lovely Other Dinosaur.
The Lovely Other Dinosaur melted the Dinosaur’s cage with kind words and loving thoughts. 

I like this Dinosaur thought the Lovely Other Dinosaur.
Although he is fierce he is also tender and he is funny.
He is also quite clever though I will not tell him this for now. 

I like this Lovely Other Dinosaur, thought the Dinosaur.
She is beautiful and she is different and she smells so nice.
She is also a free spirit which is a quality I much admire in a dinosaur. 

But he can be so distant and so peculiar at times, thought the Lovely Other Dinosaur.
He is also overly fond of things.
Are all Dinosaurs so overly fond of things? 

But her mind skips from here to there so quickly thought the Dinosaur.
She is also uncommonly keen on shopping.
Are all Lovely Other Dinosaurs so uncommonly keen on shopping? 

I will forgive his peculiarity and his concern for things, thought the Lovely Other Dinosaur.
For they are part of what makes him a richly charactered individual. 

I will forgive her skipping mind and her fondness for shopping, thought the Dinosaur.
For she fills our life with beautiful thoughts and wonderful surprises. Besides,
I am not unkeen on shopping either. 

Now the Dinosaur and the Lovely Other Dinosaur are old.
Look at them.
Together they stand on the hill telling each other stories and feeling the warmth of the sun on their backs. 

And that, my friends, is how it is with love.
Let us all be Dinosaurs and Lovely Other Dinosaurs together.
For the sun is warm.
And the world is a beautiful place

by Edward Monkton


Oh and there was some SERIOUS dancing from the Benelux boys !!



Julia and Peter, I wish you a long, joy-filled life together.

I’m so very glad you found each other; couldn’t have happened to 2 nicer people.

Saturday girl signing off.  I hope you all have a good week.

 You can see lots of photos on my other blog Helen’s Photomania here


35 comments on “A Perfect Wedding

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  2. Chrissie Holland says:

    How delightful. Julia, you both look so happy

  3. healthdemystified says:

    Wonderful wedding pictures. Beautiful, Helen!

  4. Jackie Paulson says:

    Helen these are just wonderful photo’s – thanks for sharing them with all of us.

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  6. Adrian Lewis says:

    Good pictures, Helen! I especially like the third one down, which is a tremendous portrait of the bride – and the fifth one down really gets to me too – what an asset a sense of humour is! Adrian

  7. I love weddings so much that I felt vicarious glee looking at your beautiful photos. Yay, love!!

  8. Tilly Bud says:

    What a wonderful post! Such happy faces. Really put a smile on my own face. Thanks 😀 Good luck to your friends. The way they are looking at each other, I doubt they’ll need it.

  9. The bride and the groom are so lovely — the bride in particular looks so radiant and beautiful. Congrats to them!

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Thanks BS. I was amazed at how they both managed to get through the special words they said to each other without crying their eyes out… there wasn’t another dry eye in the place !

  10. My new favorite poem! Those two look like they really believe the world is a beautiful place, at least when the other person is around. Congratulations to them!

  11. fiztrainer says:

    I was so moved by this and couldn’t help but smile reading the poem. It always touches me to see 2 people in love, but for some reason when it happens later in life, it just does something to me. Thanks for sharing and congratulate your friends (from your blog friends … LOL) 😀

  12. munchow says:

    I think the informal pictures of a wedding are just as important as the formal ones – if not more. Those are the pictures showing how it really was. And you captured the wedding both beautifully and with passion. So many great pictures I am sure the couple will be happy for many years to come (even the monster picture). What a lovely couple!

  13. Great captures! I so much prefer the informal shots over the formal poses anytime.

  14. What lovely photos, which I imagine capture the mood of the day far better than staged ones. And I love the poem.

  15. Marleen says:

    Beautiful couple, nice photo’s, lovely poem! Bubbles must be the new thing. Loads of bubbles for our niece at her wedding in Belgium last week. And the kids loved it!!!
    Really uplifting post!!!

  16. scillagrace says:

    Who doesn’t enjoy a happy love story? Thanks, Helen, for a bright good morning post!

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