Unwrapping Sculptures at Kew.

Saturday 1472 – 12th May 2012

Hello again everyone.. The weeks are rushing past at an alarming rate aren’t they! So what did I do with the 1472nd Saturday that I (hopefully) have left on this planet.

I went to the very famous Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London. I took advantage of only the 2nd sunny day here for many weeks. I was rather pleased with myself because this is the first time I’ve driven into London proper  ( still not into the congestion zone thankfully, though charges don’t apply on a Saturday anyway) .. No big deal really I know but I have always been nervous about driving in London as the traffic is pretty horrendous and the North Circular Road is a bit notorious !

I certainly wouldn’t have even contemplated it without my SatNav; one piece of technology that I have really embraced.  I used to be a map-aholic you know , always having one on my knee when I was a passenger. Indeed I took the responsibility for getting myself and the driver safely to our destination very seriously!!.  In a rather childlike way I used to enjoy a long journey that covered several pages of my map book; counting off each page as I turned it over and announcing “Only 3 more pages to go” or “we’re nearly at the edge of another page”

Map reading is easy enough when there are 2 of you but now I wonder how I ever managed to find my way anywhere when I was in the car on my own.  Having to keep stopping to look at a map was tedious in the extreme and it was never any good me just listing road numbers or place names I had to pass through because I could never remember them. London would definitely have been a No No !

Anyway enough of the journey lets’ get back to Kew.  Firstly I wish it wasn’t so far away as the drive takes nearly 2 hours – I usually go by public transport but the drive to the train station, train, tube and walk takes even longer and I end up exhausted before I get there !

Kew Gardens are glorious and so much to see. I strongly recommend it and if you are lucky enough to be able to go you need a whole day so don’t try to factor in anything else. Now I could show you lots of photos of plants ( and I will at some point over on Photomania ) but that would be a bit ordinary wouldn’t it !! 

So instead I’m concentrating on an exhibition called David Nash at Kew – A Natural Gallery which officially opens on the 9th of June but which was being set up while I was there.

Here’s a bit from Kew’s website –

“David Nash, one of the UK’s most prolific sculptors, is exhibiting his work at Kew Gardens. The exhibition, which opens on 9 June 2012, includes sculptures, installations, drawings and film in place throughout the Gardens, glasshouses, and exhibition spaces.

Nash will also work at Kew on a ‘wood quarry’ from April 2012, creating new pieces for the exhibition using trees from the Gardens that have come to the end of their natural life.”

You can read more about David Nash himself here

The photos I’m showing you I am calling David Nash – Unwrapped at Kew. I took them because sculpture is my favourite art form and the work looks exciting even when it’s wrapped up in cling film stuff; a sneak preview for you!!  I’m showing you the black charred ones but these are not the only type. I can’t wait to go back and visit again when it opens officially as I love  outdoor sculpture and David’s work is gorgeous; strong and organic.




You can read lots of stuff about Kew gardens here , it’s well worth having a look, the website is packed with lots of information and loveliness 🙂

 Just going back to what I said about technology earlier in this post, apart from your phone and computer which are obvious what piece of technology, or maybe some other sort of gadget, do you think has made your life very much easier??   I’d love to hear about it.

Bye from the Saturday Girl until next week 🙂

P.s. If you don’t already know I also have a daily photography blog called Helen’s Photomania which you can find here I hope you’ll pop over and take a look


13 comments on “Unwrapping Sculptures at Kew.

  1. […] Saturday I wrote about the trip I took up to Kew Gardens. I had a great day really enjoying myself amongst all that flora… nothing like losing […]

  2. munchow says:

    A fun read, and I love the photos. The wrapping and the way you shot the sculptures makes photos into art in their own right. By the way, I love “reading” maps too, it’s just so fun I think, even when going nowhere. Good luck with the London traffic!

  3. Adrian Lewis says:

    I like the pictures, Helen – and I still am a map person, having been using them since boyhood and then of course in my geological work >>> but I’m finding it harder and harder to navigate in the car too, so I think I’ll be getting a SatNav too – pretty soon! Adrian

  4. Tilly Bud says:

    When I first looked, I thought those in the top pic were ice sculptures.

    I love the pic with the grass-soil-plastic-sculptures. Such terrific contrasts of texture and colour.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Ice sculptures.. yes I can see why you might have thought that .. The soil was sand I think Tilly and there was a tree near by which was casting lovely shadows

  5. scillagrace says:

    I think I encountered David Nash’s work when I was looking into Andy Goldsworthy’s. I love the way they appreciate and celebrate the beauty of organic, natural materials and forms. A boundless inspiration for art, photography, and all their permutations!

  6. Caroline Warnes says:

    that cling-film makes the sculptures look rather interesting in the photographs I think. Perhaps they should leave it on?

    I too love my sat-nav as I have a dreadful sense of direction, and I also love the Nespresso coffee machine I brought my husband for Christmas as it makes a damn good cappuccino

    • Helen Cherry says:

      I think not – to the cling film bit Caroline..

      Funny I have great map reading skills but also no natural sense of direction…. clever of you to buy David that coffee machine 😉

  7. Rachael says:

    I love Kew. We used to live in Pagoda Avenue, very close to the Lions Gate entrance. As “Friends of Kew” we could come and go as we pleased and it was like our local park. A really big and interesting local park. :). Great post. Maybe I will take the children up there when the exhibition is open. We enjoyed it when the Dale Chihuly exhibition was there a few years ago.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      I didn’t see the Chihuly exhibition. I was only just back in the UK for the end of it Rachael.. pity we are both so far we could have met up there for a cuppa!

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