What’s this Blogging thing all about?

Saturday 1470 – 26th May 2012.

Today my plumber came back to finish the job.  (Now don’t take that the wrong way ! I know plumbers might have a bit of a reputation ! but mine actually met his wife when he went to do some work on her house. ) He was finishing my bathroom and very nice it looks too but it meant I was hanging around the house all day!  I was supposed to go to a Eurovision Song Contest Party, so would have been writing about that, but couldn’t face it..  not because I think the song contest is awful, though I do, but because I just didn’t feel up to it. As it happened the British entry sung by Engelbert Humperdinck and truly terrible ( I’m not giving you a link as I don’t wish to torture my followers ! ) came second from bottom … you didn’t think I was going to say 2nd did you ?

So instead I thought I’d have some fun with this blogging thing ( I confess that I had this half-written already) looking at some of the spam I get and a few stats.

As most of you who follow me know I have 2 blogs, this one and Helen’s Photomania Blog where I post a photograph every day.

Why did I start them and why do I continue them? Why do any of us?  You’ve only got to look at these stats from the Freshly Pressed page today to know that there are lots of people doing it –

“463,078 bloggers, 636,583 new posts, 1,254,264 comments, & 157,648,431 words posted today on WordPress.com.”

That’s a hell of a lot of people and there are several other blogging communities. I just read on Wicki answers that there are 156 million !!!!!!!!!!!!! surely that can’t be right??  Though I also read this on another site ” As of January 2009, there have been a total of about 133 million blogs indexed by the blog search engine Technorati dating back to 2002″

   Technorati has lots of statistics and stuff about who and why in its  State of the Blogosphere 2011 report but frankly I couldn’t face wading through any more than I did to find an actual number. If any of you do feel free to post in comments below.

Enough of all that dry stuff.. I want to show you a bit of my Spam as some of them are hilarious and utterly pointless too. Here’s a little selection with the posts they were attached to: –

A Very Exciting Evening  which was actually about the evening I saw a Chinese Water Deer was obviously targeted because the spammers thought it was about something else! so  the spam consisted of  lots of  lists of sex sites ! ( NO I didn’t visit any of them!!! ) and these random words on one of them  “attire iioxycodone canadia smell appsectrends sense assurance asmanex ginesi sincere magnesia fact another refrigerator mylicon reflect paperless orthopaedic these postmarked anderson bringing coders doll populations “  What’s that all about?  

My Eagle has Landed post had several – one was ” HI. Do you know if they make any plug-ins to safeguard against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked on. Any ideas? ” NO !!!   Another had 250 words ! which I’m not going to put here.. smarmy nonsense..

But this is my favourite on Flooding – A Photographic Opportunity –  The spam just said “I drink a lot”  and the url associated with it included the words “ebaysucksbigtime”    Weird or what??

As for what people search for and then inadvertently find my blog… veeeery interesting ! 

It seems some of you out there have a thing for thigh high boots and wellies!!  The most used search terms have centred around those and have led to this post Aqua Alta, Umbrellas and Wellies   Here’s a bit of a list of the search terms used and the number of times it’s been used.

 Wellies -23 ,
Waders wellies -13,
waders di acqua alta – 10
red thigh waders – 10
waders – 9
thigh waders floods – 7
wellies venice – 7
fashion in waders – 5
thigh waders venice – 5
“rainboots or “rain boots” or “rubber boots” or “botas de agua” or wellies -site:blogspot.com site:wordpress.com -site:bootpick.wordpress.com”   5   (!!!! )
waders wellies 5
acqua alta wellies 4
blue peter waders 4
waders wellies other boots 4
wellies men 4
filled up wellies 4
thigh waders boots floods 4
venice waders 4
girl thigh waders 3
famous men in rubber boots 3  ( !!!!!!!!)
wetland women in waders 2
thigh high wellies 2
wader wearing girls 2
awesome waders 2
see through soles wellies 2
women in thigh high waders 2
girl want wader wellies 2
flooded wellies 2
man can wellies 2
sexy waders wellies 2
thigh-high wellie 2
queen of waders 2

 All those people searching for girls in thigh high boots must have been terribly disappointed 😉

One of my favourite bits about blogging has been looking at the countries that have visited  and I still think it’s astonishing that my blogs have been visited by people from 96 countries; as diverse as Brunai, Rwanda, Australia and Eygpt and even including China, to say nothing of a few unknown satellite and one anonymous proxy ( I’d love to know who that one is..)

 So what is the answer to the question What’s this blogging thing all about?  Is it just ego, loneliness, fun?

I’d love to hear  what you think about this…

Saturday girl signing off .. see you next week.

As already mentioned I also have a daily photography blog called Helen’s Photomania which you can find here I hope you’ll pop over and take a look if you haven’t already.


15 comments on “What’s this Blogging thing all about?

  1. eof737 says:

    And now I know you from your photography log. 🙂

  2. eof737 says:

    It’s a lifeline for me… 🙂

  3. Adrian Lewis says:

    Hi Helen! What’s blogging about? I’m sure there’s some ego in there too, but for me its a great thing to share my pictures with others and to hear their views – and to see and talk about all of their work too.

    The only real ways I had of sharing my images were in photo albums that I used to give as presents, and via slideshows, of which I never did a huge number. So this sending pictures around the world at the touch of a button is really something else!

    And, as others mention, there are the relationships formed, which are more meaningful than I ever thought they could be.

    I’m sure that blogging is helping my photography. I’m becoming more adventurous, and coming up with ideas than I’m sure wouldn’t have surfaced had I been stuck with my albums and slideshows.

    As I think you and I have agreed, blogging can be hard work – and, unlike you, I keep well away from the promise to post every day! – but I do think it worthwhile. And now of course, venturing into Blurbland, I aim to give some of my stuff and more permanent and during home than the ether / bloggosphere.

    Thanks for asking this excellent question! Adrian

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Thanks for your considered response Adrian.. I have no doubt that in the little over 5 months since I started my blog I have learnt an enormous amount about what I like to photograph and from other photographers blogs. I think my work has improved 10 fold.

  4. Cherry-Bomb….I started because I’d been taking photos for fun for best part of thirty five years and no bugger ever got to see them…It’s crap dancing if no-one gets to swoon at your shimmy..
    Plus I think I’m far funnier than anyone else thinks I am, so blogging allowed me to tell shite jokes, swear, and generally act like a naughty child without getting smacked…(You’re the only person who even tells me off)….
    These are real, tangible, albeit selfish pleasures…(and unlike other selfish pleasures they don’t affect your eye-sight).

    But…and this is where it all gets a bit goooey….Cynic that I am, I have been amazed at how rewarding some of my cyber-relationships are…I know they’re easier than blood and gut relationships, that there are no real demands or reponsibilities, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worthwhile…
    Whatever my reasons were for starting…I know that I would really miss it if I stopped…
    Apart from when smart-arsis pull me up on my spellyng…That I can do withowt!!!

  5. Rachael says:

    Hmmm. I can only say why I started blogging which is to find a creative outlet to help me cope with/be distracted from chronic pain. I enjoy sharing my photography and while I am unable to take as many new images as I would normally, my blog allows me to revisit old ones. A side benefit has been finding some very enjoyable blOgs to follow, yours included. I haven’t really noticed the abusers mentioned in another comment.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      A very good reason Rachael..and your work is always so very good.. I think Scilla was just referring to the stuff that goes into our spam folders and the language they use or abuse

  6. Well, there’s got to be some vanity in there but its fun, and addictive. But really, I enjoy discovering creative, and I have to say good quality, blogs and indulging in daft banter with people like you 🙂

  7. Helen Cherry says:

    I guess you’re right Scilla.. but a lot of mine just seem complete gobbledygook ( or however you spell that) and don’t lead back to anything at all.. seems rather pointless!

  8. scillagrace says:

    A lot of it is about marketing and advertising…random ping back generators who abuse the English language for fun and profit. The more sincere forms of blogging may be mostly about self-discovery. (I like to think that’s where you and I come in!)

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