A Very English Girls Day Out

Saturday 1461 – 28th July 2012.

For the last 2 Saturdays I shared Midnight Tango ( a birthday present to my daughter) and Walking with Birds ( a birthday present to my son) both great experiences and if you’ve missed them clicking on the titles will bring you to the posts

This Saturday was a different sort of celebration and a very English affair. Jo, a friend of mine from the Amateur Dramatics group I belong to, was having a Hen Party.  

So I make no apologies for lots of photos as this post is for Jo to remember the day by.

Now for those of you who follow my blog from other countries and may not have heard of such a thing this is a party for a woman who’s soon going to get married ( men have a Stag night)  The party isn’t usually organised by the future bride herself but by her bridesmaid or friends. Traditionally some people dress up and make absolute asses of themselves as you can see by this photo of a Stag do who were near us when we were getting ready to get on the boats… they were already a bit the worse for wear at 5pm and yes that is batman in the background with a teddy strapped to his waist… hmmmm!!

 Thankfully this was a much more genteel affair but with a great sense of silliness. In this case the organisation was done by the VERY able Jackie who did a wonderful job and even ordered good weather. Isn’t THAT impressive!.

Thanks Jackie

Jo  and Jackie

We climbed aboard 2 punts on the river Cam in Cambridge for a couple of hours punting down the river and a good time was had by all as we enjoyed Champagne and nibbles, bubbles and giggles. Here are some photos of this most English of pastimes and the fun we had which I hope you’ll enjoy.

The punters .. we liked them 😉


The bubbly –  we liked this too 😉

More please ?

The bubbles… so pretty 🙂

The sign to the right of this next one said Danger Keep Well Clear… do you think they meant us?

Completely by accident I managed to get a photo of Jo where she very nearly looks as though she is wearing bubble glasses.

Oh NO a tree in the river

Somehow there was a bit of a tangling and our punter had to help the other punt get free .

Jo helped out by holding the punters pole !!! Oh er, careful what you do with that Jo!

The laughter – we liked this 😉


A swan beside the boat and 2 white geese.. one holding it’s wings in a very strange way

Other People on or in the river


Apparently it’s common for people to try to climb up and over the bridge and back into the boat as it goes under !

If you look carefully just to the bottom right of the photo ( just by the head ) you can see the other boat tipping and the splash as the other “overthebridger” jumped back into his boat..

we didn’t try it ..

I’m not showing you photos of us at the meal we had after the punting but suffice to say it was fantastic and was followed by a wonderfully funny sketch by Christine, who often directs our productions, and some funny poems, stories and jokes from others, including me naturally!  Exactly what you would expect from an Am Dram group 😀

At the end of the evening Jo was given flowers and a hilarious card signed by everyone that Jackie (she’s SUCH a star) had made using mostly photos and words from performances that Jo and Peter had taken part in. The was, as is traditional for such an occasion, shall we say rather risqué!  You can see how much Jo enjoyed reading it

Jo and her future husband Peter (also a member of the Am Dram group) have been together for 12 years… Ain’t love grand 🙂  

If you click on the thumbnail, then click again on the photo that appears you can have a better look at the card.  Peter I’m sincerely hoping that you don’t mind me showing to the world  a photo on the card of you in pink silk pyjamas ! it was after all in the name of art!!

A good time was had by all and I’m looking forward to the wedding in Sept. That’s it from me for this week.. I may be back to more serious topics next week!

footnote – I obviously did not have permission from the people featured on this blog that were not in our group but I like to think they wouldn’t object .. If any of them see this and they do I will happily remove the photos.


You can find my photography blog Photomania here I hope you’ll pop over and take a look if you haven’t already.


9 comments on “A Very English Girls Day Out

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  2. Such a lovely post! Happy and cheerful and full of good things (especially the punters).

    Thanks for a lovely start to my day.

  3. rfljenksy says:

    Awesome post. Reminds me of some Wednesday girls lunches.. thanks for sharing.

  4. happyuan says:

    Nice posting and great pictures. Congratulations, Jo and Peter.

  5. ellyhuizinga says:

    Must have been a marvelous day. Nice pics Is it in Cambridge???

  6. scillagrace says:

    Hilarious! And can you send me a punter by post? They’re lovely!

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