Defending the Dreamers of Peace and Compassion.

Saturday 1454 – 15th Sept 2012.

I am going to write briefly about 2 things this week which mean a great deal to me and I hope they will to you too. Both made me cry today.

The first is a follow-up to a post of mine from back in February called Nicholas and Carren which I invite you to read here before reading on . It tells you about my previous sponsorship of Nicholas and my new sponsorship of Carren.  I sponsor Carren through an organisation called Plan and today I had a letter from her. The letter was in response to one I sent to her some months ago and as you can see her reply is dated 20.07.012 so has taken nearly 2 months to get to me.

In case you cannot read it and because I know I have blind and visually impaired followers here is what the letter says:-

Dear Cherry Hellen,

Much greetings to you. I am going very well. Our family are also going well.My parents are going well too. They greet you so much.

I was happy with the letter you wrote to me. I really enjoyed it. I also saw the 2 photos of you was nice photos.

I always go to school. Am in standard four and am working hard to be a nurse.

I also like to play with my two friends Anak? and Jully? Our play is jumping with a rope. I also like to play netball.  I don’t have much for now saying thank you and God bless you and your family.

Bye see you

Then it was signed by Carren or rather on behalf of Carren because the letter itself will have been written by a support worker writing down what Carren tells her to. Carren cannot read and write in English

This letter made me cry for 3 different reasons. 

The first was the content of the letter because I witnessed, as you can too by reading the letter, that she is just like any child anywhere and she wants to be a nurse. I was a nurse for many years so this touched a little nerve for me.

The second was because I am privileged to be able  to help her and her community to fulfil their dreams. An active choice that any of us can make.

The third reason is the one that breaks my heart the most and is because this support for others is still needed in the 21st century and it shouldn’t be. Every child should be born into a world that guarantees them Peace, love, water, food, shelter and an education. Yes I know that makes me an idealist but I am proud of that.

If you want to help sponsor a child there are many organisations through which you can do this and I advise you to do your own research.  I chose to use Plan, an organisation you can read about here.


I said I was going to write about 2 things that moved me today so here is the second.

(An Iranian and American Athlete at the Olympics – Photographer unknown)

I’m a member of and there is a petition on there called The People Don’t Want War .. When someone’s sign the petition this is what he/she is signing.

“To the Governments of Israel, Iran and the United States,

Despite our governments’ actions and statements, the people of Israel, Iran, United States and elsewhere don’t want war with each other.  We want a chance to become friends and live in peace. 

You must use diplomacy, not bombs, to resolve your differences.”

The Petition was started about a month ago and yet as of writing this there are only 1051 signatures.  I have shared with many and few have signed and I am left wondering why. Apathy? Afraid to sign their name to something?  believe the propaganda?

I hope it’s not because people actually do want to go to war with Iran?  Surely the only ones who would profit from such a war would be huge corporations who make weapons and sell oil.  As ever do your own research..

I’m sure some of you have thoughts on this.. if you do please share them in the comments                                 

I leave you with a link to a video.. The video is fun  to watch but listen to the words… .  The song is called Defending the Dreamers by Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly and this is a Radio Riddler dublate version.. ( now I bet I’ve got loads of you saying “What IS she on about !) Listen and watch it here

Personally I dream of a shared compassion and peace, if you do too lets defend the dreamers. If you’d like to you can sign the petition here

Bye until next week when maybe I’ll feel more optimistic.


You can find my photography blog Photomania here I hope you’ll pop over and take a look if you haven’t already.



15 comments on “Defending the Dreamers of Peace and Compassion.

  1. Another grea post. Signed the petition and loved the video. Keep up the good work, Helen. keep banging the drum.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Thank you Al.. this was just the sort of encouragement needed.. sometimes when you care so much you can get a little jaded at times and you have quite cheered me up with this comment.

  2. […] week I gave you Defending the Dreamers of Peace and Compassion which you can read here . This Saturday has turned out to be a follow on though that was not what was […]

  3. lubagnu says:

    well said Helen : )

  4. scillagrace says:

    I like that the petition site gives you a chance to write reasons for signing. Which reasons for entering war push our heads of state to make those decisions? Do they consider the reasons for peace as well?

  5. Rachael says:

    I think you are a splendid dreamer yourself, Helen.
    I wonder if people don’t sign petitions not because they do not believe in the cause but because they have lost faith in the ability of petitions to effect change? Just a thought. I think I would prefer to think that is the reason, sad as it is, rather than that people actually want war.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      I wish that was the reason Rachael but they would be wrong as many petitions have done enormous good… and if you look on the governments e-petitions website where if you get over 100,000 signatures whatever you are petitioning about will be discussed in parliament..
      Stop the beer duty escalator has 98,572 signatures . No More Unlawful War’s ( which says this -Many people feel USA are pushing for a war with Iran. Sign here so that no more involvement in war without the approval of the British people. ) has just 13…. I despair..

  6. rynnasaryonnah says:

    You sound like an amazing person to know! And I think it’s wonderful that you’re a sponsor – equally wonderful that you’re trying to make a change.

  7. I think you are already being optomistic Helen by putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak. I applaude you. Well written and thought provoking post as always.

  8. you’re a precious person. Go On Like This, my friend. we’re humans being and we’re need one another. I hug you, Helen.

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