Riding a Trike – Oh no you didn’t? Oh yes I did !!

Saturday 1432 – 16th February 2013

Last Saturday’s post was rather serious and you can read it here if you haven’t already done so. This weeks couldn’t be further from serious. It’s all about fun and happiness..

Now I know that some of you will be disappointed because you seem to rather like it when my blood is up and I am having a bit of a rage about something but this is about what I do on Saturday’s too and this weeks was all lovely.trike

_679Some of you will know that I have an ankle that is mobility-challenged ( I know I’ve just made that up !) and one of the things I haven’t been much good at is cycling. I have never felt safe on 2 wheels but have always wanted to have the freedom of cycling. 

By chance someone on our internal internet system was advertising a Trike for sale, yes indeed a 3-wheeled bike,the owner lives in the centre of Cambridge where the traffic is horrendous and she never felt safe. I went to have a look at it, tried it out, fell in love with it and bought it.

What a beauty it is as you can see by the photos and what a HUGE basket on the back of it. Perfect for my camera bag, water, picnic etc. I collected it on Weds evening after work. It got a very short run out on Thursday so this Saturday was the first longish run.  It was an absolutely joyous experience, feeling very stable and secure, as well as easy to ride. It has 6 gears and a VERY well cushioned seat !!!  😀  essential that last bit.

I know some of you will be laughing now thinking that Trike’s are for old people, well you’d be wrong. Although actually as I started my 60th year on the 11th ( yes I am 59 now – shock horror!)  I suppose I have to give in to being a little past chronological middle age though certainly not mental middle age !  I think Trikes should be for everyone as they are so wonderfully stable and because they take up more room on the road, vehicles can’t squeeze you onto the very edge of the road like they do with 2 wheelers. Respect!!

So what else did I do this Saturday?  Those of you who have been following for a while will know that I belong to an Amateur Dramatics group called BacStage  and a brilliant group they are too!  I have been a “sleeping” member for the last 6 months or so as I’ve been busy with other things but I was there helping with front of house for the final performance on Saturday.

This latest production was a pantomime, Rumpelstiltskin and was an absolute triumph. Now I know I have a lot of readers from different countries that don’t have a pantomime tradition and you probably wonder what on earth I’m talking about so here is the Wikipedia definition –

“Pantomime (informally, panto) is a form of musical comedy stage production, designed for families, developed in the United Kingdom and mostly performed during the Christmas and New Year season. Modern pantomime includes songs, slapstick comedy and dancing, employs gender-crossing actors, and combines topical humour with a story loosely based on a well-known fairy tale. It is a participatory form of theatre, in which the audience is expected to sing along with certain parts of the music and shout out phrases to the performers.”

It’s fair to say it is extremely silly!!  Here are just a couple of photos of some of the characters, costumes and facial expressions.. Hamming it up is positively encouraged. 😀  I won’t post photos of the little children on this site but when I post some on the BacStage website, where parents have given permission for them to be posted, I’ll put a link on my other blog Photomania or on here.

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Saturday Girl signing off now, I hope you have a drama-free week unless you’re at the theatre 😉 See you next week.

You can find my photography blog Photomania here and I hope you’ll pop over and take a look if you haven’t already.. photos of Mallorca soon, continuing London People, minimalism series , low-key and lots more. Time is all that’s needed !


12 comments on “Riding a Trike – Oh no you didn’t? Oh yes I did !!

  1. I’ve always felt like a bad parent as I never got around to teaching my daughter to ride a bike. She was bemoaning this fact the other day, saying she could’ve used a bike to cycle into the city each day to Uni. Maybe a trike is the way to go. She could fit an awful lot of books in a basket like that.

  2. A trike! I would see around town in Salt Lake. They are becoming quite popular and I want one. I never did learn the two-wheel thing. Can’t say with great certainty why, but like you I would love the feeling. So I’m saving my change.

  3. I love you Trike! Makes me want to rush out to find one of my own. I think this is directly up my alley. Love the basket a great deal, wonderful.

    Happy Belated Brand New Personal New Year also.

    The theater pictures look like great fun.

  4. ellyhuizinga says:

    That “Bike” looks very good ! I,m a bit jealous , especially about the basket. Wish you a lot of wonderful hours on your trike. Love the word mobility-challenged!!

  5. Pranav Lal says:

    Helen, Belated Happy Birthday and congratulations! Tell us more about the trike. What kind of controls does it have? Do you have a headlight? I hope you wear a helmet while riding!!

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Pranav thank you for the belated birthday wishes..The trike has 6 gears situated on one of the handlebars 1-6.. the lower the number the faster you have to pedal and this is good for going up hills, the higher the number the slower you pedal and this is good for flatter surfaces. It has brakes that are operated from both handlebars.. I don’t have a lamp for it as I have no intention of being out after dark on it ! It does have reflectors though.. Helmet?.. hmmm

  6. scillagrace says:

    The trike looks very comfy…reminds me of the best ride I ever had, around Mackinac Island on a rented bike with a very wide seat and old lady handlebars where I could sit straight up and have a sea breeze the whole way. Heaven! And your pantomime sounds nothing like Marcel Marceau and more like melodrama theater…the kind where you hiss at the villain and throw popcorn! What fun! (although I also liked seeing Mr. Marceau as Bip when I was a child)

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