1000 Days Without Trial – America’s Shame.

Saturday 1431 – 23rd February 2013


 When you see the numbers and words above do you immediately know who it refers to? 

If you don’t I’m going to tell you.

This is a photo of who it refers to. Remember him now?

bradley manning

His name is Bradley Manning and by today the 23rd February 2013, in what purports to be the “Land of the Free”, he will have been held in custody for 1000 days ( 2.73 years).  He spent 11 months in solitary confinement and a UN official called his treatment “”cruel, inhuman and degrading.”  

He is just 26 years of age.

He has not been tried, has faced no judge or jury but still he is held. 

If convicted he faces life imprisonment or worse.

Who is Bradley Manning?

“As an army intelligence analyst stationed in Eastern Baghdad in 2010, Bradley objected to the US Army’s complicity in the torture of innocent Iraqis. He was rebuffed by his commanding officers and ultimately imprisoned for allegedly leaking evidence of US war crimes to Wikileaks.

I am Bradley Manning copyThe cables that Bradley is accused of leaking have been a catalyst for pro-democracy movements in the Arab world, have exposed the unjust detainment of innocent people at Guantanamo Bay, shown us the true human cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and changed journalism forever.

After nearly a year of pre-trial solitary confinement, Bradley is currently being held at a military detention facility in Kansas. He is accused of nothing more than telling the truth.”   from the I am Bradley Manning website here – http://iam.bradleymanning.org/ 

If you support exposing lies and telling the truth, as Bradley Manning did, you can add your name and photo by following that link above

What is Bradley Manning said to have revealed to wikileaks?

-That there was an official policy to ignore torture in Iraq

that US officials were told to cover up evidence about child trafficking by contractors in Afghanistan.

– that despite US presidential denials there was an official tally for civilians in both Afghanistan and Iraq and this was way higher than they were suggesting. For every military personnel killed there were 2 civilian men, women or children .

The Obama Administration allowed Yemen’s President to cover up a secret U.S. drone bombing campaign. WikiLeaks revealed that Yemen’s President Saleh had agreed that his regime would “continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours.”

Known Egyptian torturers received training from the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.

The list is much, much longer than this “tip of the iceberg” and aren’t these things that should be exposed?

Perhaps the most famous expose came in the form of the Collateral Murder video which I have linked to before but  which I make no apology for doing so again. The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-sight, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of civilians. Two young children who were present in the attempted rescue were also seriously wounded.  The military personnel on the helicopter behave as though they are playing a computer game rather than killing real people, almost begging to be allowed to engage and laughing at times, for example when a body is run over. 

Click on the photo below to be taken to the Collateral Murder video


The video has had over 13,000,000 views and is harrowing indeed, but essential viewing if you want to understand why whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning are so important.  This is not an isolated incident.

Some of you may be very familiar with this Collateral Murder video but what might be less familiar is the testimony of Us Soldier Ethan McCord. He was the soldier who discovered the wounded children in the van in the video and you can watch and listen to his testimony here  What is forever clear to me is that human beings should not be doing this to other human beings.

exposing war crimes is not a crimeThe military are controlled by the government who are supposed to be elected by the people ( don’t start me on that one ! )  Is this what you want done in your name? I most definitely do not. Young men and women are brainwashed into thinking they are fighting for freedom. The only freedom they are fighting for is the freedom of corporations to make huge profits from war. We need more people like Bradley Manning to stand up and expose the lies and corruption of the military industrial complex.

Bradley Manning should be hailed as hero not punished as a traitor.  The world needs more people like him.  

A Bradley Manning supporter is someone who believes in exposing war crimes, in international justice, in people’s right to know what governments do in our name.
Are you a person like that ? If you are please sign the petition to President Obama started by Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistle-blower. You can sign it here

There are International Protests about Bradley’s 1000 days in custody  in many places throughout the world today. You can find out where here

Saturday Girl signing off now, please consider supporting the cause to get Bradley Manning released. See you next week.

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100 days of hell for a hero


14 comments on “1000 Days Without Trial – America’s Shame.

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  3. scillagrace says:

    Had to take some time to read and research because no one had brought this to my attention before. Oh, but Academy Award dresses, that’s NEWS! Yup, America, that land of propaganda, is operating as usual. Noam Chomsky never makes headlines, but I know to find him on my own on YouTube. He speaks regularly about US atrocities.

  4. Alex Jones says:

    This is a bad reflection on the claim of democracy and freedom of USA.

  5. Yet we continue to claim the high ground. Drones and murder, we should hang our heads in shame.

  6. Very thought provoking post. How can the West claim the moral high ground when it behaves like this?

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