A stroll round Strawberry Fair

Saturday 1417  – 1st June 2013

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The photos above are all parts of the entrances to the fair.

I have lived in Cambridgeshire for nearly 5 years but have never attended Strawberry Fair, the free music, entertainment, arts and crafts festival which takes place on Midsummer Common every year and has done since 1974.

_993It’s a family affair which starts with a parade around the town from 11-midday; when the parade arrives at back at Midsummer Common the Fair really gets going and goes on ‘tl late. There was a range of musical genres represented across several music stages though I didn’t stay until late.

One of the reasons I hadn’t been before is because a few years ago there were some problems with perceived “anti-social” behaviour concerning drug and alcohol misuse and the organisers decided to cancel the 2010 event. That is all behind us now and Strawberry fair came back with a vengeance as a very friendly and, still free, family event in 2011 and hasn’t looked back.

Some people on their way to the Festival


_994I absolutely loved it !

Great atmosphere, great food – from vegan through Caribbean to hot dogs and great music.Unfortunately the usual changeable weather from cold and cloudy in the morning to warmish by late afternoon but NO rain!!


I especially enjoyed the Samba band Arco Iris who are a community band based in Cambridge and will do a Photomania post just about them later in the week.. In fact I enjoyed them so much it is my intention to join them ! 


I loved the long legs of Park Arts Stilters too.


Here are some of the stiltwalkers having a rest and a stretch. It’s tiring work!


Lots of interesting stalls and food.









and interesting looking people !






I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos which are meant to give you a flavour of this rather unique event and long may it continue .  (more on Photomania)

A big shout out to all the organisers (crew member above) and the hundreds of volunteers who made it all possible. WELL DONE !!  

A link to Strawberry Fair website http://www.strawberry-fair.org.uk/

and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/StrawberryFair?fref=ts 

If there’s a festival like this near you I hope you’ll go and enjoy yourself. 

You can see what I wrote and photographed during the last one I went to “One Love” here

I am anticipating another real treat for myself next Saturday.. Come back and see what it was 🙂


You can find my photography blog Photomania here and there will be lots more photos from the festival over there this week.



13 comments on “A stroll round Strawberry Fair

  1. […] Last week I wrote about the fun I’d had, and naturally shared the photos I’d taken, at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge. If you missed it you can read it here […]

  2. Looks like fun………..

  3. […] and the 1500 saturdays blog  post about the fair, with lots more photos, is here […]

  4. Fabulous photos! Makes me nostalgic for Seattle which has a similar fair every year, though not free. In 2005 I missed this fair by 1 day, I was so terribly disappointed, one of these days I will plan a trip that allows me to either arrive in time or stay over.

  5. It was a brilliant day – we bought two skulls from the guy in the van – he brought 500 down from his workshop in Manchester and wished he’d brought more as they were selling like hot wotsits!!!

    No trouble, great friendly people, and the weather stayed dry!!! Definitely go again!!

  6. totsymae1011 says:

    I hope you bought yourself some artwork or at least had your face painted. I haven’t been to a festival this year yet. I used to participate as an artist. I’m sure the Strawberry folk were glad to have a Cherry among them

  7. scillagrace says:

    Great photos! I love the visual smogasbord of festivals and things, but I really don’t like crowds, so rarely go to them. I suppose that makes me more the voyeur? Thanks for sharing your finds!

  8. […] and the 1500 saturdays blog  post about the fair, with lots more photos, is here […]

  9. carolyntgray says:

    That looks like a really great event!

  10. You go to the coolest places! NIce captures:)

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Oh do you think so Elena? Your comment made me think and actually you arr right I do sometimes. THis is where this blog is so good.. it makes me do things and I am building up quite a store of memoires and like a diary of them on here too 🙂

  11. Cool fair. I enjoyed looking at the photos 🙂

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