Filthy Lucre and Buskers.

Saturday 1413  – 29th June 2013

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Above are the wonderful Sin Crumy favourites and I’ll post more about them on Photomania soon. Check out their website here

A quick and very late post

As anyone familiar with this blog will know, and particularly if you follow my other blog Photomania,  I do take rather a lot of photos and it’s all very well putting them on blogs but I have been thinking for a while that I also ought to look at some way of earning some spondoolies, dosh, dough, folding stuff,  loot, wonga, bread and honey,  readies, filthy lucre or any other name you want to give to money, from my photography. Gosh so many names for money and there are more I’m sure.

What slang names do you have for money in whatever country you live in?? Do tell  😀 

So the plan was to see if I could join a micro stock agency..  I applied, read lots of stuff, passed the test questions and submitted 3 varied photos as required.  Having read the advice on the site forums which said you don’t necessarily have to submit ones you think are right for stock photos but ones which show your all round skill, I submitted 3 of my favourite photos, all ones most well received on my blog.

Wrong move! They were all turned down!

Why?  because they were just the wrong sort of photo.. way too arty.

So I submitted photos that were less arty but more what I thought stock photos should be and I heard today that they were all accepted ,so I’m in !

At first I was quite elated,  I am generally easy pleased as you know , but then I thought more about it. My son said to remember that often when people turn what they love doing into a way to earn money they lose their love of it and he is often as wise as anything that son of mine !

Also I considered how much work is involved to prepare a photo for a stock agency. Each photo has to be examined in very close detail, edited carefully for colour composition etc and every speck in the wrong place removed before submitting.  When would I find time?  I know I now work 4 days a week so I do have some time but I already spend waaaaay too much time sitting at a computer and neglecting everything else and I shouldn’t, particularly now we have some semblance of summer. At last 😀

So, as I don’t think I’m really a stock photographer, I am only going to submit from time to time but I will also add a few of the arty ones to Saatchi online and Redbubble but I’m not going to take it too seriously as I definitely don’t want to lose my love of taking pictures..

Of course when winter comes again I may do a little more…


In Cambridge over the weekend – Fri-Sunday we’ve been having a Buskers and Street Performers Festival and it’s been great, so here are a couple of shots from the event, just for the love of taking photographs 😉  and to show you the variety on offer.


A big band in full swing….


and a couple of their Lindy Hop playmates



Tara for this week.. I promise to try to be on time with my next post 😉


You can find my photography blog Photomania here and there will be lots more photos from the festival over there this week.


11 comments on “Filthy Lucre and Buskers.

  1. Love what you do, do it for love. I suspect your son has the right of it. Perhaps the way to think about this is continue to shoot pictures the way you do now and if some turn out as good for stock presentation, use them but don’t shoot with this in mind.

    Loved all these, but especially loved the two playing violins in the park.

  2. scillagrace says:

    “Be happy in your work”…a quote from the movie Bridge on the River Kwai. Love the dancers in mid-air!

  3. LensScaper says:

    Love that first shot – the perfect micro-second capture!

  4. I looked into this as well. It seems that you need to stop taking pictures for yourself and take them for someone else.

  5. Knowing your market often reveals a sobering reality. You are not alone.

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