Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Saturday 1412  – 6th July 2013

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Ahhhh Nostalgia.. definition – ” a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations ” and what often conjours up a nostalgic feeling ?   Of course it’s Smell.

Which brings me neatly to what I want to write about this week which I thought would tie in with the weekly photo challenge.

Take a look at the open letter below which was on show in the window of Bonnetts shop, which you can see part of above. Bonnetts made scrumptious bread and cakes. There’s nothing quite as delicious or memory inducing as the smell of baking.. Yum Yum !

_1098What are your thoughts as you read the letter?   Sadness, Inevitability, anger?  Or maybe acceptance that this is the ever-changing way of the world and those businesses that do not change with the times do not survive.

I have lived in the village ,where this shop is, for nearly 5 years and I had probably only been in this shop a few dozen times.

The reason for that wasn’t because I didn’t like the shop it was because of the opening hours.  Until very recently I was working full-time and the shop opened after I went to work and closed before I got home meaning the only day I could shop in it was on a Saturday.  I imagine that was the case for most full time workers in the village.

A couple of years ago a well-known supermarket chain bought a pub which had recently closed and opened a shop in it; the death knell for Bonnetts. There was uproar and resistance to the supermarket but once it was there people used it and I suspect stopped using Bonnetts because it was more expensive.

This is the story of many such small independent shops throughout the country, they simply cannot compete on price with the large supermarket chains who have huge bulk buying power .

We may all express nostalgia for such independent shops but if we aren’t prepared to support them by shopping in them, then they aren’t going to survive are they? 

Individuals still have the choice, don’t they? or do they really when so many households now have 2 people working full-time which probably wasn’t the case 30 years ago. So why the change?

I believe spirally house prices and rental prices have forced women to return to work almost immediately after giving birth because they have to. Yes I know many, many women choose to work but I believe most have no choice. I know this is a VERY big subject but that will be for another post.

 Ok that’s Saturday girl done for today.. short and sweet for once. ’til anon.

Ps Oh by the way are any of you watching the tennis at Wimbledon?  Sadly it wasn’t the best of woman’s finals today.. pity. I’ll be watching the men’s final tomorrow with my daughter, her boyfriend and my son which will be good I’m sure.. Come on Andy Murray!!


You can find my photography blog Photomania here and there will be lots more photos from the festival over there this week.


8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

  1. Sad really. The unfortunate truth is the small is the family owned business has to make changes to their business model to compete. You made the point, their hours didn’t fit your life, this was likely true for most in your village. For them to compete, they needed to open earlier and stay open later. If they had done so they might have kept their devoted customers.

    We see this everywhere, there are many small business in my small town. They are faced with similar problems.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      It’s hard though isn’t it Valentine, maybe in the UK we will have to start doing what they do in many other parts of the world and have a break during the middle of the day so they can do what you suggest, open earlier and close later.

  2. totsymae1011 says:

    That’s very unfortunate and this had been happening in capitalist societies. I don’t have an answer as to how the smaller companies will compete but I have to think they can do something, as sell their goods wholesale to these larger companies. There’s certainly a more personable environment in going to places like Bonnett’s and the nostalgia is cool but there’s a longing for yesterday.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      I don’t know the answer either Totsymae.. it’s in the hands of the consumer. If they want to save these smaller shops they can easily do so by being prepared to pay a little more but it won’t be easy.

  3. scillagrace says:

    I am aware of the importance of “buying local” on many levels, but I also am aware that I don’t do it as much as I could. Sometimes I luck out and get cheaper gas at the Mom & Pop station when it’s conveniently on my route as well, or something like that. The Farmer’s Market is set up on Saturday mornings, and I work on Saturdays, so I haven’t been every weekend like I would wish. Occasionally, I read about “Cash Mobs” which are like Flash Mobs where a bunch of people decide to support a local business all at once. We are given many choices, and we pick between things like convenience, economy, and moral conviction. Most of us do have more choice than we admit responsibility for, in my opinion.

  4. ….. couldn’t you have popped out at lunch time for your loaf of bread? No, because your workplace is far away from where you live… why?
    Unfortunately, most rural villages are turning into dormitories, where everyone in the village travels many miles to work, only to return to their rural idyll, pushing up prices to people who work locally can’t afford to buy homes in the villages where they work.

    When I used to travel to work on the motorway, it seemed as many people were travelling in the other direction to their place of work….. I work where they live and they work where I live?……doh.

    It’s not spiralling house prices as such that forces families to have to have two workers, it’s avarice.

    Your post raises some interesting questions, many of which my wife and I are now debating…. prompted by recent tv progs more than anything….. as a simple example, the butter we buy is shipped to the UK all the way from New Zealand…… does this make sense… I know we have cows here because their milk is delivered to us most mornings by a local milkman……

    chunner chunner chunner.

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Steven when I bought this house I was 8 mins from work!! now it’s 45 mins ! We all have to go where the jobs are .. I think that has probably always been the way.
      yes I do think greed plays a huge part in it but if you are having to pay rent of £650 per month ( I was paying this for a year for a 2 bedroom house) that makes it tough for lower earners..
      You are right many, many questions though.
      As for food miles.. oh yes very aware of that. When I lived in Ireland I used to see potatoes from Cyprus in the shops.. ridiculous !

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