Womanly Wiles and Wind Turbines.

Saturday 1410  – 20th July 2013


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Are you a natural Flirt? or do you find flirting is completely alien to you? 

A week or so ago I was driving along one of the Fen roads not far from where I live and I spotted the sun setting just behind 2 wind turbines; away in the distance. I made a mental note to go back to find out how I could get nearer to try to capture the shot I could see in my mind’s eye; full sun with as little cloud as possible and almost silhouetted wind turbines.

I found a road that I was pretty sure would lead me down to get near enough to the turbines to get a good shot. Hmmm there was a sign that said private road.. should I go down it.. it was a very, very long road.

Of course I did! because you have to do what you have to do to get the photo you need don’t you? within reason  and of course I’m not advocating breaking the law!

I actually went back 3 times this week until I got the shots I wanted. On the 3rd occasion as I was just finishing and feeling rather pleased with myself a 4×4 car approached and drove up onto the grass beside my car. The driver wound down the window and rather crossly asked me did I know this was a private road and I was trespassing.. Oooops ! Double Oooops because he was rather handsome and in about his mid 50’s so a few years younger than me..  Naturally I couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. You single ladies out there will know how it is 😉 

Instantaneously I went into flirt mode; took off my sunglasses to make eye contact( why was I still wearing them anyway when it was half-dark!) .. holding it a little longer than normal,  getting a little closer to him, briefly touching his forearm which was resting on the open car window,  using playful language; adding in a little humour,  ( Are you men out there paying attention!)  I know!  I’m incorrigible !

He asked to see the photos.. a good excuse for me to get even closer.. He said he was very impressed 🙂 

We chatted a little and eventually he drove off smiling, telling me not to do it again in a rather playful way! 

Damn I wish I’d suggested I buy him a drink to make up for the trespass, though just because he wasn’t wearing a ring doesn’t mean he wasn’t married or in a relationship or indeed gay; though I don’t think so on this last one.. my man radar isn’t that faulty  !! 

I can’t really go back either because he told me the private road is owned by several farmers and they have private game shooting on the land too. I don’t want to get shot accidentally!

Anyway this is one of the shots I wanted to get. The wind turbines were moving so I had to wait to try to get the symmetry I wanted. There will be more on Photomania later ( link at bottom of the page)

full sunsetting sun to the left 2 wind turbines to the right.

Flirting is surely a natural instinct isn’t it? as part of the survival of the species mechanism?  After all if there was no initiation of contact and showing of interest, between the sexes, the human species would have died out by now.  There are some evolutionary scientists that apparently believe our large human brain has developed to attract and keep sexual partners; a sort of human equivalent of the peacock’s tail.  There’s a thought !

So back to the questions at the start of this post. Are you a natural Flirt?  or do you find flirting completely alien to you?  As ever I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday Girl signing off, have a safe week and be careful who you flirt with !


You can find my photography blog Photomania here 



16 comments on “Womanly Wiles and Wind Turbines.

  1. For the right photo I’d sleep with several farmers….

  2. drawandshoot says:

    Helen, such a fun post…. : )

  3. LensScaper says:

    That’s a fantastic image. Well worth the invasion of someone’s private road. Now I could never get away with that because I’m a man. But I’m at an age when I can look totally baffled without really trying very hard, so I might just get away with it on the grounds of senility and needing glasses to read the sign. But despite that, one flutter of eyelashes and I can still go weak at the knees!

  4. scillagrace says:

    Ooh, girl! A great story and a fabulous picture. I love the adventure in the whole event! Flirting, I think, is a lot more social than biological, and you seem to be completely aware of the components, brandishing them quite skillfully.

  5. For many years now, I’ve resisted the temptation (strong though it is) to flirt. Flirting has only one objective – I’m married and I suspect many women have enough trouble already with the many lechers around (and I prefer not to be included in that grouping – fingers down the throat job). 😉

  6. Pranav Lal says:

    I can see the blades quite clearly. Nice image. <smile

  7. […]  I have written about the taking of these photos on my other blog 1500 Saturdays in a post called Womanly Wiles and Wind Turbines and you can read about it here […]

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