Elitism perpetuates the world’s injustice’s or Do we need another His Royal Highness ?

Saturday 1409  – 27th July 2013


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Unless you live on another planet, or a parallel universe, it is highly likely that you have heard that the 2nd-in-line to the UK throne, Prince William and his wife Kate, have just had a baby boy; George Alexander Louis, who now becomes 3rd-in-line

Even as I write those words “in line to the Uk throne” I can’t help thinking how absurd that sounds in the 21st Century and just plain wrong. I used to be quite tolerant of the Royal Family and if I’m honest I didn’t think about them much one way or another but in the last few years that’s all changed for many reasons which I’m not going into here today.

I am happy for them as individuals, as a young couple having their firstborn child, in just the same way that I would be with anyone else in that situation but there has been an absolute media-feeding frenzy over the birth of this child and not just in the UK but it seems internationally too.

This new baby will be called His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.  Just think about those words and what they mean..

Who will this baby be higher than?   Is the title deserved?   Are the rest of us still serfs and peasants, part of a feudal system?  

This is what I take issue with because titles like this encourage elitism; a belief that some people are special or more deserving of privileges than others because they have been born into a particular family.  In this case elitism is tied to Social Class with the Royal Family considered to be at the top of the Social Elite class.

The picture below was designed in 1911 !! Hmm

rule (used)

This baby George is going to be His Royal Highness purely because of an accident of birth. nothing more nothing less.  It is estimated that a minimum of 216,000 babies are born each day so there will have been at least 215,000 other babies born on the same day as George.  According to Save The Children if one of those babies was unlucky enough to have been born in Somalia it will have been 40 times more likely to die on its first day than in Luxembourg, which is considered the safest country to be born in. 

I encourage you to read this article “Hopes and fears for children born on the same day as Britain’s George” which you can read here >>  http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/health/217227551.html 

There you will see the story of the 4th child of Naimot Alabi born in Lagos, Nigeria at almost the same time as George. Naimot said – “I just pray to God that he will live,” this because all 3 of her other children had died.

 “I want a better life for him,” Alabi said of her son, who, by Yoruba tradition, will not be named until his eighth day. “But firstly he must have a good education, which is difficult in Nigeria if you do not have the means to pay a private school.”

Her husband said  “Let’s pray for electricity when we take him home. I have already brought in lots of water, the water we have to get from a tap that is three blocks away from our house.”

 In my opinion George should be considered no more special than Naimot’s child or any other born on that day whether in the UK or anywhere else in the world. He should have the same rights to health care, food, water and shelter. 

Elitism perpetuates the world’s injustice’s so let’s not support it by setting one child up as being more important or deserving than any other.  

As ever this blog is nothing without your opinions I look forward to hearing them.

Saturday Girl signing off, have an equal-with-everyone-else sort of week.


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4 comments on “Elitism perpetuates the world’s injustice’s or Do we need another His Royal Highness ?

  1. scillagrace says:

    My mother has always had a fascination with the history of English royalty. But she has a similar fascination for everyone’s life story. So do I, really. And part of the fascination of the story of the human race is that we’re still writing it. It’s exciting to realize that changes are happening faster than ever before; new awareness spreads like wildfire, igniting new decisions.

  2. However imperfect it may be in practice, a meritocracy is the only way to decide who gets to be the head of state. I’m always hearing that the monarchy only costs us a pound a year each but I’ve no idea if this is true. So I would like to suggest that in next year’s P60 we should get a tick box ‘I wish to pay for the monarchy Yes / No’ and the royals can live off what people are actually willing to pay.

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