Learning about my Camera – Not before time !!

Saturday 1407  – 10.08.2013.

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cricket ball lying in the long grass

Last week I wrote about the surgery I’d had done to my nose and the reaction to how I looked afterwards.. not my finest portrait! – you can see that post here  I had hoped to have my full faculties back this week but alas the recovery is a long slow process it seems and sleep is difficult when you can’t breathe through your nose so I feel tired a lot of the time. I just hope it will be worth it.


Anyway this Saturday there was a Freshers Day called “Know Your Camera, A Workshop” which was run by Cambridge Camera Club .  It was open to members and to those on the waiting list.

I’ve been on the waiting list for getting close to 18 months now and I’d arranged to attend this day some time ago and definitely didn’t want to miss it.  The club is a brilliant one with about 150 members and the standard is very high indeed hence the waiting list.  People just dont leave !!  If you click on their name above it will bring you through to their website. Well worth a look. 

The day was great. Very much back to basics but as I have never had any tuition it was really very valuable. I have known for a long time that technically I’m not great with my camera, my ability to compose a photograph is okay I know, but my technical ability leaves much to be desired.

There seems to me, confirmed by this workshop, that there is a lot of maths involved, anathema to me !  I didn’t fail my maths O level for nothing ya know!

There were about 22 newbies and 11 or so experienced photographers from the club;  on hand for workshops and advice.

I was hugely impressed and thankful to all those who gave their time and answered our sometimes rather naive questions. A whole bunch of lovely people and I learnt a great deal from them.

Looking forward to getting to the top of that waiting list because I want to play with the big boys 😉


To make a good day even better the venue was in a village hall next to a cricket ground so I got to watch a bit of this quintessentially English game for 1/2 hr before I felt too tired and knew I needed to get home to rest. For rest read sleep which I did for the rest of the evening !  I know I probably shouldn’t have gone but I’m glad I did –

( I am writing this on Sunday morning after another bad night 😦  )

I lived out of the country for 25 years, in the Republic of Ireland, and since my return one of the things I love about being home is seeing cricket being played on a village green.. the sound of leather on willow is wonderful. 

Needless to say I just had to take a few photos. I have always admired the concentration of sportsmen/women so I thought I’d show you some of that.

bowler giving his all


Saturday girl signing off ’til next week. I hope you have a good one.


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8 comments on “Learning about my Camera – Not before time !!

  1. you’ve captured some great shots 🙂

  2. LensScaper says:

    Hi Helen. Poor you – FESS ops are not comfortably endured post-op (I’m speaking as a retired GP). Things can only get better. I have never come across a camera club that puts people on a waiting list to join it – most clubs bite your hand off if you want to join. What on earth is their motive!? Nothing wrong with your technique in these images. I’ve never tried photographing cricket, but I am sure it will not be easy. Haven’t visited Cambridge this year (yet). Must get back there before the year is out, I still have my pass for the University Library, and cheekily I can park there for free even if I’m not using the library’s facility!

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Yes Andy.. I think if I had known, etc,etc! ….. I think the club were trying to keep to a manageable 150 members! which most clubs would really envy.. they have all sorts of special interest groups within the club.. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to meet up in cambs and if I can I will 🙂

  3. scillagrace says:

    I agree! Great body position and movement! Hope you’re feeling stronger every day as you rest, dear!

  4. Like the bowlers, interesting the poses they ended up in.

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