Let there be Light and even more Light – you can’t get enough in my opinion!

solar panels


Saturday 1383  – 25.01.2014

Today I made the final decision about 2 things that I have wanted for a very long time.

One is about helping the planet ( and me too of course! )  and the other is going to give me a bit of  luxury in my advancing years 🙂 .

I am about to join the solar energy revolution and my roof will soon look like the roof above.

I am ridiculously excited about this as it’s something I have wanted to do for a very, very long time. ( can you sense me jumping up and down!) In fact since I first became involved with the environmental movement back in the late 80’s, early 90’s though I only seriously considered it when I first bought this house in 2009 but the price was still very prohibitive then.  

At the time I was very disappointed and thought I would never get the opportunity to produce my own electricity but the price has dropped dramatically, I’ve paid off my mortgage and the dream is about to become a reality. 


Can you just imagine producing your own electricity and exporting the excess to the National Grid. I think I may be about to spend hours watching my meter go round!   It’s an environmentalist’s dream and I am putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak..  

( Well you didn’t think from the title that I was going to write about the religious sort of Light did you ? 😉  )

The second little dream that’s about to come true is underfloor heating in my big north-facing kitchen which is usually chilly.

I always have cold feet.. well from about Sept to April.. and have dreamt about having a lovely warm floor to rest my little feet on and it’s going to happen.

Double YAY!

Of course the 2 go together quite well because underfloor heating uses electricity much more slowly than other forms of heating.

Happy, Happy Days

Have you had any long-held dreams come true lately?

As ever I welcome your thoughts .


Saturday girl signing off.


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These are not my images or my feet  😉


22 comments on “Let there be Light and even more Light – you can’t get enough in my opinion!

  1. […] Let there be Light and even more Light – you can’t get enough in my opinion! […]

  2. […] A couple of weeks ago I told you about my plans to have solar panels fitted to my roof; a long held wish of mine. That post was called “Let there be Light and even more Light – you can’t get enough in my opinion” ( bit wordy wasn’t it! ) and you can read that post here […]

  3. Rachael says:

    Good for you! It’s something I’ve considered here but been deterred by a couple of things. 1. We don’t expect to be here for more than another 10 years so might not see much of a cost return. 2. We are surrounded by tall trees. Mostly that’s a good thing as I love trees and we get lots of cool bird and bug life, but it does mean our roof is shady most of the time, even in mid summer. The underfloor heating sounds lovely. Mmmm!

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Yes you do need the right aspect Rachael and it was one of the considerations when I bought this house.. I cannot express my delight enough.. watching the dial go round and using my own electricity gives me a real thrill..

  4. Excellent….Can I buy some cheap leccy off you?

  5. Pranav Lal says:

    Please please keep us posted on your solar energy adventures. I have been looking to install solar pannels but have not found the economics compelling. I am not permitted to sell electricity to the grid here but need to reduce my electricity bill.

  6. mary says:

    well done girl enjoy 🙂

  7. Good for you and the environment.

  8. totsymae1011 says:

    Is that new man gonna be under that new rooftop with you? You’re gonna save a bazillion dollars but how much you gonna spend?

    • Helen Cherry says:

      He will be now and then Totsy 😉 I hve the finance end of things well and truly sorted.. They will pay for themselves in about 8 years or sooner and the feed in Tariffs get paid for 20 years .. so I get paid for every KW of electricity I produce ( whether I use it or not) They presume I use only half that I produce so I also get paid again for the half I am assumed to export to the national grid.( even if I actually use it all ! ) but more importantly than all that I am realising a dream of producing electricity.
      it’s a win, win situation as far as I’m concerned ‘cus there sure as hell ain’t no point having money in the bank earning diddly squat interest!

  9. Nandini says:

    That is so great! 🙂

  10. scillagrace says:

    Atta girl! You’re doing better even than Discovery World, the science/technology children’s museum where I work because they have the panels but don’t actually USE them (!?). It’s time to Turn to the Sun! (way past time, really!)

    • Helen Cherry says:

      Why would anyone have panels but not use them !!! Criminal that is ! 😦 Is there anything we can do? Could I write to them ( not mentioning you of course !)

      • scillagrace says:

        Curious how a non-profit museums get donations from companies and then don’t have the funds to keep up the exhibit. You can look at their website and contact them from there.

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