Tony Benn – A Politician with a Passion for Truth, Justice and Humanity

ton y Benn


Saturday 1377  – 15.03.2014

I couldn’t let this Saturday go past without paying a tribute to Tony Benn who died yesterday, 14th March.  He was an inspirational man who believed in the Socialist ideals of fairness and equality for all.  He was an ardent supporter of the Anti War movement and president of the Stop the War Coalition. Below is the photo I took of him, the last time I saw him speak, at the demonstration against Military Intervention in Syria in August 2013. He was dedicated to the cause of Peace right up to the very end of his life.  If you click on the picture it will link you to a video of this speech, one of his last.

Tony Benn at the NO War in Syria march in Lndon

You always knew that he really meant what he said and he is certainly the only politician I can remember who I have felt has been entirely trustworthy throughout his decades as a Member of Parliament. 

Yes of course he made mistakes and it is ironic that his hard left politics are blamed for  helping to convince people to vote for the Conservatives during the 1980’s. A Scapegoat maybe?

Sadly the country was not ready for his strident Socialism; I wonder if it would be now, when we have millions relying on Food banks in this country and where the divide between rich and poor has never been greater.?

Certainly the brand of Capitalism we have is not working when , according to Oxfam,  “1 in 5 of the UK population live below our official poverty line, meaning that they experience life as a daily struggle”

That is over 13 million people …  A shocking figure isn’t it? .

The quote at the top of this page says it all. This is what Tony Benn believed fervently and of course he was absolutely correct.

He once said “I think there are two ways in which people are controlled. First of all frighten people and secondly, demoralize them.” 

The quote above was from Tony Benn’s interview with Michael Moore in Sicko, in which he highlighted poverty and healthcare inequality as a democratic issue. “The people in debt become hopeless, and the hopeless people don’t vote… an educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern,” he said.

Tony Benn has never been afraid to speak out and in 2009 he famously took on the BBC during an interview because they would not broadcast details of a Gaza Crisis Appeal so he went ahead and gave the details on air and would not allow the interviewer to stop him. Truly magnificent !!

Click on this picture below which will take you to the short video . It’s only 3 mins long and shows his humanity and passion for what is right. I absolutely commend it to you.


Tony was also a prolific diarist and letter writer and below is the very moving last letter he wrote to his children and grandchildren. Truly he was an exceptional human being and the world is poorer for his loss..

Tony Benn's letter—————————————————————–

” There in every human heart from the beginning of time there have been two flames burning , the flame of anger against injustice and the flame of hope that you can build a better world. And those two flames are burning in our hearts today, in the hearts and minds of millions of people.”

– Tony Benn

As ever I welcome your thoughts .


Saturday girl signing off.


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8 comments on “Tony Benn – A Politician with a Passion for Truth, Justice and Humanity

  1. mary says:


  2. That letter brought tears to my eyes.A politician that people had time for; a rare creature indeed.

  3. scillagrace says:

    Thank you for introducing me to a fine man of wise thinking.

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