A marriage made in……a Supermarket ? !

wedding (5 of 8)

There was nothing half-price about Rebecca; she looked a million dollars 😉

Saturday 1323 –  28.03.2015

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I went to the supermarket today and to a wedding. 

Both at the same time.

I didn’t know the Bride or the Groom: at all. They were strangers to me and I only decided to go an hour beforehand ! 

You think I’m talking nonsense don’t you; that I’ve finally lost my reason but I can assure you I haven’t.

I guess I had better explain. At lunchtime today I saw on the local news, online, that a couple were getting married in a supermarket today, not far from where I live. As I started 1500 Saturdays to encourage me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do on a Saturday,  I couldn’t resist taking myself off to the wedding.   Don’t worry I wasn’t exactly gate-crashing because Rebecca and Blake, the bride and groom, said everyone was welcome.

wedding (8 of 8)

The supermarket stayed open to customers and it was surreal to watch the bride walking through the fresh veg section , food aisles and passing shoppers, on her way to the supermarket cafe where her bridegroom was waiting. 

wedding (7 of 8) wedding (4 of 8)

Was that 2 bridesmaids for £4 !  The bridesmaids were Rebecca’s 2 daughters Naomi and Rosie. Her grandson Charlie carried the rings.

It was, of course, a press free for all, with lots of TV cameras and press photographers.. I needed my elbows sharpened and had to use my wide-angle lens otherwise you’d see nothing but photographers! !  I didn’t stay for the actual ceremony just long enough to take a few photos.

The back story  – Their landlady introduced them in September 2014 and on their first date they had curry and chips in Morrison Supermarket’s cafe and that’s what they ,and their small number of “proper” guests, ate for the “wedding breakfast”. 

wedding (3 of 8) wedding (2 of 8)

The couple were actually officially married at a registry office before a Humanist celebrant presided over their supermarket wedding.

wedding (1 of 8) wedding (1 of 1)

Hats off to Morrison’s for helping to arrange all this!  It was FABUUUUUULOUS !!  and very, very memorable. I love a bit of eccentricity don’t you ?

One of the nice things was that the wedding party also had buckets with them to collect money instead of wedding presents and the money collected was for the Alzheimer’s Society. You can find out why https://www.justgiving.com/beccawooller   ( you will have to copy and paste the link because it’s not working for some reason!) 

wedding (6 of 8)

Well done Rebecca and Blake that was a very nice touch.

Wishing you both a long and happy life together, filled with love and laughter.

As ever I welcome your thoughts.

Saturday girl signing off til whenever 🙂


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12 comments on “A marriage made in……a Supermarket ? !

  1. Very smart and very sweet. Best to Rebecca and Blake. And thanks, Helen-a lovely post:)

  2. Eleanor Evers says:

    One of favorite school chums from back in the day was Blake. Have had such fun following their story on line. Thanks for some lovely pics and a cheerful take on this lovely couple.

  3. Jane McCormick says:

    Love these photos of the supermarket wedding Helen ….so unexpected and wonderful..certainly well worth getting out of bed on a Saturday morning to capture. Made me smile.

    Love the monochrome London photos as well. Really striking esp the revolving door series. Not sure what the etiquette is regarding comments on a blog….couldn’t find a place to write a comment. Anyway I think you have found your photo Mojo with this work. Hope you are still getting a buzz from the work…keep at it!


    Sent from my iPad


    • Helen Cherry says:

      Thanks Jane. Glad you enjoyed them.. smiling is always good ! You can write comments – there is a link under the “likes” section and comments are always very much appreciated.

  4. Blake Green says:

    Rebecca and I had a fantastic day. We’d recommend picking a special place to tie the knot to anybody. Thank you for writing this up. It’s the most sincere article we’ve read and the pictures are honest and candid. Nice blog by the way, It’s a great concept.

  5. My Heartsong says:

    I love the contribution to the charity and that the couple met in the supermarket. A Happy news story, nice change from the usual.

  6. scillagrace says:

    Well that’s different! My Rebecca is getting married in October, and that will also be different. My baby brother is getting married in May – first time at age 41. Weddings are one of the most peculiar phenomenons in our culture, for sure!

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