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Saturday 1366  – 31.05.2014

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On this  Saturday I could have written about how women are still repressed and heavily discriminated against throughout the world. This on the back of what has happened in India with the gang rape and hanging of 2 teenage girls and in Sudan the sentencing to death of a pregnant woman for Apostasy (  supposedly abandoning the Muslim faith. )  Indeed both of these events made me angry and left me with the feeling that for every step towards equality, that women make, there are 2 steps back away from it.

So I instead I was taken back to why I started this blog in the first place and that was to not only write about what I’m thinking but also to encourage me to get out there and experience things on the last 1500 Saturdays of my life ( 1365 left now ! )  

This Saturday 31 May 2014 was spent in the company of my 2 lovely grown-up children Katy and Steven, along with lots of seals and birds.  I’m sure I have said on this blog before how healing I find nature to be and this Saturday was no exception. 

It began on the North Norfolk Coast at Blakeney point which is owned and managed by the National Trust. We visited the 4 mile sand and shingle spit  by boat, to see the seals that inhabit the area and luckily the sun came out for a while which both the humans and the seals enjoyed !.

_1650 _1654 _1655

This one below is my favourite – contentment or what!


Oh and these are some of the people watching the seals, who don’t seem to mind one bit with some of them swimming out towards the boats to get a look at the people which seemed only fair !



On the way home we decided to drive the longer way home down the coast and I said to the kids if either of them saw something and wanted to stop to give me a shout.  Steven did at the RSPB ( Royal Society for the Protection  of Birds) site Titchwell Marsh. To be honest I was a bit tired at this point but had agreed we’d stop so stop we did and thank you Steven we had a great time.. my first time seeing the very elegant Avocets as well as other birds ( and humans – Photos below though it was a very grey afternoon so not all the photos are sharp!  🙂 




Black-headed Gulls ( I love their red legs and beaks)


The nest of the black- headed gull – in a lagoon with green algae bloom, which I thought rather added to the photo.




Titchwell Marsh leads down to and includes a section of beach and here are some bird watchers with their telescopes down there.  It seems Bird watching is a very serious business of the size of their equipment is anything to go by. !


 Ended the day tired but de-stressed and very happy. The problems  for women in the world remain but my batteries are now recharged and I feel better able to cope with it.

You can find out more about Titchwell Marsh and the RSPB here >>  and Blakeney National Nature Reserve here  >>

If you are feeling stressed ,or overwhelmed with the pace of life , I strongly recommend getting out there and steeping yourself in nature !

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Saturday girl signing off.


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Naming and Shaming 2 – Anything for profit it seems?



Saturday 1373  – 12.04.2014

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I am going to do exactly what it says in the title and name and shame a company.  This is the 2nd time this year but this is a different company . You can see my original post from January here  which was about GAP the international clothing company having a baby’s garment for girls with FLIRT emblazoned on the front of it. Wholly inappropriate and thankfully this garment now seems to have been removed.

adhd%20energy%20drink%20produktyThis time I am naming and shaming a Polish company called Mobile 1 that, since 2011, have been producing an energy drink called ADHD which is sold not only in Poland but in the UK too and look to the left for an illustration from their website. Not hard to see who this drink is aimed at is it ?

Have you heard of ADHD?  No not the drink, but the neurodevelopmental condition Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is characterised by a short attention span, restlessness or constant fidgeting, being easily distracted, being impulsive, being hyperactive and acting inappropriately for the person’s age. Many children and adults with this condition have additional problems which can include learning difficulties, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourettes Syndrome amongst many other conditions.

You can read about Wellcome Trust funded research into the condition here which has found a genetic link.

A quote from the article

“We hope that these findings will help overcome the stigma associated with ADHD,” says Professor Anita Thapar. “Too often, people dismiss ADHD as being down to bad parenting or poor diet. As a clinician, it was clear to me that this was unlikely to be the case. Now we can say with confidence that ADHD is a genetic disease and that the brains of children with this condition develop differently to those of other children.”  

Undoubtedly the condition has been given a bad name because it has been used by a minority of parents to excuse the bad behaviour of their children and the lack of control they have over them, but it is a very real condition. 

A friend of mine, who has  a son with a diagnosis of both Autism and ADHD , saw a billboard advert for the energy drink ADHD with a tag line No Stress and was rightly very disturbed by this and when she got home she thought about this more and looked up the drink on the internet. This is how they advertise it , their translation from the English isn’t great but you’ll get the gist of it.

“It is intended for adults who want to increase the level of their energy or concentration. It is recommended for great physical and intellectual effort. It accelerates the quickness of reactions and efficiency of the organism. It also counteracts the weariness and speeds up your metabolism. For these reasons it is consumed and valued by the drivers,the students and active people satisfied with their life. ”

So why have the company used this name ?  Well they seem to be suggesting that if you drink their product you’ll behave like someone with ADHD  and it seems they think that’s a desirable thing, which clearly it is not! An ADHD sufferer’s hyperactivity and excessive energy can cause very real problems for them, in school or work for example.. .so the drink having the tagline No Stress just adds to the insult because the condition can certainly be a stressful one for all concerned.  

I cannot imagine how the marketing dept came up with this idea and no-one stopped to think what effect it might have on those affected by the condition. To me trivialising the condition in this way shows a complete lack of understanding and empathy for those that suffer daily because of it.  

I think it’s just appalling to use ADHD to sell a product, especially one like this! 

It wouldn’t be okay to have Bulimia Biscuits or Cancer Crisps would it? The same rule applies to ADHD. So driven by my usual passion against injustice I encouraged my friend to start a petition and campaign with the intention of getting this company to show some respect and change the name of their product. 

The link to the petition is HERE  .

With your help maybe we could get this company to rethink so I hope you’ll read and consider adding your voice, no matter what country you are in. Thank you.                    

 As ever I welcome your thoughts and I am happy for you to share this post to get the word out.


Saturday girl signing off.


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