60th Birthday Treat in Puglia.



Saturday 1380  – 15.02.2014  

( a bit late I know !)

_1548Yes indeedy I am 60… SIXTY !! isn’t that crazy ?.. Of course it’s only a number but rather a large one don’t you think?  To be honest I feel a bit of a fraud because it seems faintly ridiculous to be such an age . My thinking is that my birth certificate must be wrong !  Surely?

My actual birthday was on Tuesday 11th Feb and I spent it, and the following week, with my children, Katy and Steven, in Puglia in southern Italy ( in the heel of the boot as it were ) 

_1547When I was 50 I had suggested to the kids that I might bring them to Barbados.. Ha! ….What was I thinking ! That I was going to be rich maybe .

Well that didn’t happen so I ended up bringing them to Italy instead but they didn’t seem to mind 😉   family is everything and I am so lucky to have 2 such delightful children and to be able to spend time with them surrounded by such beauty.


How I Loooooove Italy 🙂

On this Saturday we spent the day visiting Ostuni and walked around in brilliant warm sunshine graced with the bluest of skies.  So here are some typical photos of this lovely, brilliant-white town with its little alleyways and steep roads. There are strict rules about colours and materials that can be used. White, green, blue and wood.



Some of the roads were so narrow the only place to park your scooter was inside your shop!!


By the way the photo at the top of this post is of the Trullo we stayed in ( it was actually 3 trulli joined together) and our roofs are at the back of this photo, which was taken in the delicious morning golden hour.  We were surrounded by Olive trees… It was Heaven

Sorry to all those people who are struggling with snow at the moment ! 😦  

You can read more about Ostuni here   and more about Trulli here

As ever I welcome your thoughts .


Saturday girl signing off.


You can find my photography blog Photomania here  and there will be more photos from Puglia over there in the next days


Are we killing the Spontaneous Joy in our children ?

Saturday 1418 – 25 May 2013

“Blessed  be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough  earthliness”
Henri  Frederic Amiel

Let me set the scene for you. 

I was shopping in Tesco’s today and was on my way down the long moving walkway from the first to the ground floor. It’s used to get shoppers and their trolleys up and down.

Just behind me was a woman with a little girl in her trolley and a little boy beside her holding on . He suddenly let go and started to walk fast down the walkway laughing all the time. He got to the bottom and started to go back up the other side. There was hardly anyone else on the walkways.

I could sense that the little girl ( older than the boy) was dying to get out of the trolley to join him and she finally gave in to the desire and asked her mum if she could go up the walkway again too. Her mother’s reply was “No you’re the sensible one you’re nearly six”  My heart just sank and I felt like screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! don’t make her the sensible one at six.  She’s just a small child, she should be playing not being sensible. The little girl looked crestfallen and probably so did I !

For the next couple of hours, as I walked about town, I could see mother’s everywhere making their children behave sensibly and it made me feel most terribly sad.

Why do we curtail our children’s childhood? Why do we stop their joy and spontaneousness?  Shouldn’t we encourage their innocent joy for as long as possible rather than trying to make them fit into an adult world of restraint?

I am glad to say that I have managed to hang on to a degree of my childlike nature and I hope you have too; I believe it helps us to appreciate the wonder of the world.

The photos below were taken in a square in Cuba and I think I’ve captured some of this child’s sense of wonder and joy. I was going to post this on Photomania but after today I felt like it fitted here instead.

The Tale of the Girl and the Pigeons _889.







I expect many of you, who follow this blog regularly, might have expected that I was going to write something about the terrible killing that happened in London this week, where the soldier was hacked to death in Woolwich.. I am going to say something and please don’t interpret it as me condoning or excusing this violence in any way as I am opposed to all violence but what I will say is this…  

Our misguided politicians have chosen to align us with America and take part in wars which it seems to me are entirely unjustified and have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.  Along with America we are undoubtedly hated by millions in countries across the world because of our Imperialist ways.

War does not bring Peace it brings only death and increases hatred.  Sadly we saw the results of that hatred in London this week and the knee-jerk reaction against Muslims which will continue the cycle. The solution is simple.. stop creating wars !!


Release the child in you this week and have some fun. See you next week.


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