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Saturday 1247  – 3.09.2016

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Anyone who has been following my blog for a long time (and I know there are a few of you)  will know that I have solar panels and I’ve written about that on this blog twice before.

You can read those posts by clicking on these titles from January and March 2014 respectively.

Let there be Light and even more Light – you can’t get enough in my opinion!


I am becoming a Solar Power Nerd !! Proud of it too !!

I’d like to tell you about a new milestone in my Solar experience and here it is below, taken on this Saturday 3rd September, 2016. 




Yes indeed!  I have saved 5,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from being released into the atmosphere since I had my solar panels installed;  2 and a half years ago.  Over that time 62.8% of all the electricity I have used has come from my solar panels and I have exported to the national Grid 76.3% of all the electricity I have produced. Imagine if every household, business, school and public building was doing that?  Storage is the next hurdle , the technology is there it’s just too costly at present. 

This is what 5,000 tonnes looks like











That fills me with joy but I know it is a tiny drop in the ocean. I still drive my car, heat my house,cook and fly from time to time. As well as my solar panels, and having my house well insulated, I support tree planting organisations and have planted many trees myself over my lifetime so far, to try to mitigate my use of fossil fuels. 

If catastrophic Global Warming is to be avoided then we MUST keep fossil fuels in the ground, no ifs or buts we just have to. Simple as that.  

The Guardian launched it’s “Keep it in the Ground” campaign in 2015. Some facts :- 

  1. 2C: There is overwhelming agreement – from governments, corporations, NGOs, banks, scientists, you name it – that a rise in temperatures of more than 2C by the end of the century would lead to disastrous consequences for any kind of recognised global order.
  2. 565 gigatons: “Scientists estimate that humans can pour roughly 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by mid-century and still have some reasonable hope of staying below 2C,” is how McKibben crisply puts it. Few dispute that this idea of a global “carbon budget” is broadly right.
  3. 2,795 gigatons: This is the amount of carbon dioxide that if they were burned would be released from the proven reserves of fossil fuel – ie the fuel we are planning to extract and use.

You do not need much of a grasp of maths to work out the implications. There are trillions of dollars worth of fossil fuels currently underground which, for our safety, simply cannot be extracted and burned. All else is up for debate: that much is not.

I am not going to write any more about that but I would encourage everyone who reads this to follow up by reading these links below and taking action by spreading the word and thinking about how you personally can help to avoid this catastrophe. Drive less, use plastic less,reduce, reuse, recycle more, get solar panels or use other forms of alternative energy, insulate your home, plant trees,  campaign, put pressure on your elected representatives: small changes by each of us make a big difference. 

We ARE running out of time. 

Watch the video here:- 

Image result for keep it in the ground Guardian  – *The number 350 means climate safety: we must reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere from >400 parts per million to below 350.

When I wrote my Solar Power Nerd post on 1st March 2014 I ended by asking this:-

 “I wonder when the joy of producing my own electricity will wear off?”

I am happy to say the answer is a resounding NEVER! 

As ever I welcome your thoughts .


Saturday girl signing off.


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Plastic and Oceans don’t Mix.

Saturday 1251  –  06.08.2016

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There has been much I could have written about, over the past few months since my last post, as the world seems to have turned upon its head but I have not had the willingness but here I am again. 

I’ve just come back from a week in Northumberland and breaking with tradition. I am going to write about what I did last Saturday, 30th July, during next week! I’ll explain why then  ( It’s not just laziness, honest!) 

Northumberland is a gorgeous part of the UK with some outstanding beaches and it was while I was walking on one that I noticed all the plastic  and tin you see below, in a very small area, and I spent just 5 minutes picking it up and putting it in, yes you guessed it, a plastic bag that I had in my car !   There was half an aluminium drinks can with very sharp edges, lots of fishing line, plastic rope, the top of an aerosol, a small sauce container ( you can see the recyclable sign! ) a black plastic ring of unknown use, a piece of white plastic sealant and a plastic tube for inserting a tampon!   I took it all off to be recycled.

As I was editing my photos from the holiday, or more accurately my photography expedition, this photograph made me  want to scream WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR WONDERFUL PLANET! 

We are surely destroying it and not even slowly… 

Here’s something about the damage fishing line can do to birds   – How Fishing Line Hurts Birds 

and this a report on the BBC World service  90% of SeaBirds have Plastic in their Stomachs

Many of us had no idea that we are now eating plastic because the ocean is full of plastic microbeads which are eaten by plankton – plankton are eaten by fish – humans eat fish.

Did you know that possibly thousands of personal care products contain microbeads? From toothpaste to makeup. They are now banned in America but not yet in the UK, although the Government said in June that they would support a ban I haven’t found evidence they have actually passed legislation, but happy to stand corrected if anyone else can.

There’s an organisation called Beat the Microbead and you can download a list of products, in 22 different countries , that contain microbeads. You can even download an App, if you a have smart phone, scan a products barcode and it will tell you if it contains microbeads. 

Details can be found on their website; links here:-

Product List 

Smartphone App


I was Born into a World


I was born into a world

Before recycling was a thing,

Before oil wars,

When the biggest world

Threat was nuclear.

The only extinct thing

Was the Dodo,

We consumed and junked.

Then we were told about

Droughts, and disappearing


About melting ice caps,

And we fought Iraq

For a second time,

Like father like son,

We needed our oil

Because we didn’t want

Those electric cars.

At one time there were

Huge monsters that

Walked where we walk,

Nature swallowed them easy.

Or maybe you believe

It all started with Adam and Eve,

But they too were kicked

From the garden

As are we,

With our poison beaches

Run down towns

And our atmosphere

That kills.

I write a poem

And preach to the converted.

We send out loud messages

To ourselves,

That our world is dying:

1984, Blade Runner,

Armageddon, The Road.

I’ve yet to read a book,

Or watch a film about a future

I’d like to live in.

Fortunately for me,

I’ll die before the earth,

But I’d like a place for my

Computer chip self

To click and beep

In bright, clean happiness.


By James Franco


Finally next time you go to the beach bring a bag with you and pick up as much plastic as you can and bring home to be recycled.  Nature will love you for it. Be inspired by this little film.

Ren Kyst- Got a spare afternoon

Your thoughts are very welcome as ever. 

Saturday Girl signing off.. 

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