Force Majeure- Major or Minor Izzard?

Saturday 1416  – 8th June 2013

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Last week I wrote about the fun I’d had, and naturally shared the photos I’d taken, at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge. If you missed it you can read it here

Today I had the treat I had alluded to at the end of that post.

I saw the comedian Eddie Izzard, that cross between thoroughly good bloke and surrealist Transvestite, at the O2 in London with my daughter and her boyfriend.

So was this major or minor comedy?  Well I am a big fan and it certainly felt like the O2 was fully behind Eddie and up for a good laugh and that’s what we had.

He came on in a blaze of lights like Steed from the Avengers and although it felt as though he was ad-libbing a lot of the time, which is a skill in itself, the show was obviously carefully crafted. 

He certainly lived up to his reputation of being a physically entertaining comic and my favourite part of the show was when he did a piece about the slightly strange and rather ridiculous nature of dressage.

This was Eddie at his best; a physical comedy gem. He danced around the stage backwards and forwards, up and down in his Cuban heels, mimicking the footwork and movement of a dressage horse , turning it into a sketch on burglars and what would happen if that burglar was a dressage horse. He pretended to hide/park himself in a cupboard several times. It was very, very funny and brought the house down.

I admit at times there was a lack of focus in the show with him jumping all over the place ( no pun on horses intended) but for me that’s in keeping with the free-associating, surreal nature of his work. He tried to give it some cohesion with a couple of running jokes which he managed to keep going.  One of them was about acts of a non-existent God and this led to another of the funniest parts which concentrated on getting into Heaven or, if denied access, getting into Hell. This produced one of the biggest cheers of the night when he ( as hell’s gatekeeper) said hell was very busy tonight because Maggie Thatcher had just arrived and was sitting with General Pinochet!

The second biggest cheer was when he mentioned he was intending running for Mayor of London in 2020. He is a political, conviction comedian which I think is great and I could have done with more of this side of him.

If I’m honest I think the size of the arena venue dilutes the contact between comedian and his audience. My wise daughter asked why would you pay to sit way up in the gods ( with Maggie? )  watching the big screen and not able to see the actual man himself. Why not just wait until the video comes out?  (Incidently, the show was being filmed for the Video to be released soon.)

 Certainly I believe the show would have been even better in a smaller venue and might not have been quite so politically watered down, as I think it was for an International market.

So there were pieces on, amongst others, Human Sacrifice, Greek Gods,  horse burglars, God, gold-digging moles and pipe smoking and here are some photos.  Oh and look out for his nail colour 🙂 

You might be able to guess which pieces some of the photos are from.

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The most bizarre part of the night wasn’t actually during the show, it was getting through security with your bottle of water ! In order to bring it in, you had to take off the cap;  so there was everyone walking around with bottles of water with no caps on. When I asked why? I was told by one of the security people this was being done for health and safety reasons because they’d had people throw full bottles of water at the stage.  Can’t you throw a full bottle of water with no lid, or an apple in your bag or a shoe? and what about the health and safety risk of the spilling of water on steep steps?  

Definitely Bizarre but may be that was in keeping with the nature of the show! 😀

That’s all from me, I hope you’ll have a fun-filled week full of laughter and I’ll see you next week..

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Roll Up, Roll Up.. It’s time for the Circus!!

Saturday 1426 – 30th March 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun…. 


This morning I thought, What will I do with myself today?  I went to the gym and did some housework but as it was snowing a bit and bitterly cold it was tempting just to lay about and do nothing else but I can’t do that as this is Saturday!!  If you’ve been following for a while, or if you read my about page, you’ll know that one of the reasons I started this blog was to encourage myself to do stuff on the Saturdays I have left and fun stuff was included in the list, as was photography.  I didn’t want to do one of my more thoughtful ( political, activist!) posts, I wanted to have some fun so I went to the circus… as you do at 59 with no young children or grandchildren to bring as an excuse 🙂 …  and took lots of photos.


Mr Fips Wonder Circus was the circus in question -with acrobats, jugglers, some magic,  the calamitous clown Mr Fip himself and none other than Spiderman!  Thankfully no wild animals or I wouldn’t have gone.. a few “my little ponies” though.


A small but perfectly formed circus, certainly not the Billy Smart’s big top that I remember going to as a child. It had a tent which was possibly 2 or 3 times the size of Mr Fip’s tent. The circus did have lots of sawdust in the ring though and the usual selection of Candy Floss ( cotton candy it was called – not right that!! ) hot dogs, popcorn and rather more unusually a crepes stand, all of which I managed to resist.


_771There was lots of hamming it up between the rather handsome ringmaster and Mr Fip’s the clown , all in the very best circus tradition.. The only disappointment for me was that there was only a small audience which was such a pity. Don’t parents bring their children to the circus anymore for some good clean family fun which seems to be a rarity these days?

The children and adults that shared the experience with me seemed to be really enjoying themselves and there was lots of audience participation. I certainly had a great time especially taking photos, which was challenging because of the difficult and ever-changing lighting conditions.

Right that’s enough chat from me, I hope you are enjoying the show through my photos 😀 and if you see this Circus advertised in a town near you, I am happy to commend it to you.






A link to Mr Fips Wonder Circus facebook page

A Saturday Girl, rejuvenated by fun, signing off until next week. Make sure you schedule in some fun.


You can find my photography blog Photomania here and I hope you’ll pop over and take a look if you haven’t already.. Photos of all sorts over there and,  at some time, there are bound to be some from this circus too 😀