Goodbye 2016 – Some positive news – Yes I did say POSITIVE!

Saturday 1230  –  31.12.16

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I am writing this on the final day of 2016 and what a year it has been.  Brexit in the UK, Trump in the USA, the deaths of so many inspirational people, continued Global Warming and the horrors of war in Syria and the Yemen; with apparently only 10 countries in the world completely free of conflict (1). 

So I could have written about any of these but instead I am choosing to write about something Positive. I know ! Radical for me isn’t it…  

I am a supporter of WaterAid an organisation dedicated to bringing clean water to every citizen of the world. 

I recently had some correspondence from them and here is a copy of the front page so you can read this good news for yourselves



Just read those fantastic headlines – for the FIRST time EVER the percentage of people who urgently need clean water has dropped below double figures to 9% yes that’s NINE PERCENT . Of course that is still way to many but it is proper measurable progress..

Just ONE fact for you –  “Collectively, women from Sub-Saharan Africa spend about 40 billion hours a year collecting water”  (2)  It is a fact that women and girls spend much more time than men and boys on collecting water and wood; between 2 and 8 times as much time. Imagine what they could be doing instead – getting educated, working, keeping healthier because of the clean water and enjoying life more.

Here it is again below –  WaterAid is part of the global push to get to Zero by 2030. It is VERY doable.


I am very proud to be a tiny part of this. 

You too could be a tiny, but vital part, in making sure everyone in the whole world has access to water.

You see I told you positive news!  🙂  

You can see contact details for WaterAid the UK in the photo above or here – 

Wherever else in the world you are,  you can help too –  

Go here  and hover your curser over the global sign at the top and you will see what countries WaterAid works in, as well as the countries where you can donate or help in other ways.

Also if you google “Increasing access to water” you will find more reading on the subject and other organisations who are helping.

References –

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Your thoughts are very welcome as ever.

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2017 .

My New Year’s resolution is to try to perform one Random Act of Kindness every day, even if it’s only a smile to a stranger.

What’s yours ?

Saturday Girl signing off.. 

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Portrait of my mother.

Saturday 1491 – 31st Dec 2011 – New Years Eve

I did some visiting today. I hadn’t seen my mum over the festive period because, as you know, I was away in Venice at Christmas  . Mum lives 3 1/2  – 4 hrs away so I don’t go too often. She is 85 now and was born the same year as the Queen, but I’d say she’s had a somewhat harder life having been widowed in her mid 40’s, when I was 17.

She has never had brilliant eyesight but this is now fading rapidly: an enormous source of sadness as she has always loved to paint and do needlework.   She has to use a magnifying glass to read now and has all but given up painting.

She had very good hands and nails (still has) which was always surprising because she worked in kitchens for a big part of her working life. She has washed more dishes and saucepans than most of us could imagine.

Each year, up to the age of 10, my mum made my 2 children birthday cards out of cloth. They were much looked forward to and somewhere in the design she always managed to make a little suitcase/pot/ boulder/barrel or some such into which she would place chocolate money or sweets.

In homage to my mother’s talent I have photographed 4 of my favourites – 2 of my son’s and 2 of my daughters. ( It was going to be just 2 but it was very hard to choose)  

1st 2 of Katy’s – Paddington Bear for her 8th


and Eygpt for her 10th

Then 2 of Steven’s – Arctic one for his 8th

and Captain Pugwash for his 6th

Treasured possessions which my children will get eventually 🙂

Ps added later – I should mention that my children are now 31 and 27!


Spent some good time with my friend Kay today too and also with the lovely Lisa and her husband Darren…a big thank you to Darren for helping me choose a tripod… so watch out for crisper images. What Darren doesn’t know about camera equipment isn’t worth knowing and he becomes wonderfully animated when he talks about it.  😀

That’s all for now. Happy New Year from the Saturday girl…see you next week

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